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I don't believe it is necessary to have any software like "Driver check" on your though, as it has been getting some good reviews. You can easily access information about "Driver Talent Pro Free Trial" by clicking on the Driver Talent free download - Software reviews. Let's review some of the best tools available for free & paid you should try in There's also one very interesting feature within Driver Talent that lets.

Driver talent reviews -

Updating Windows Hardware Drivers Made Extremely Simple

Driver Talent is a simple yet effective tool that lets you update and manage drivers on your computer. The program scans your entire computer to locate outdated, problematic, malfunctioning, and missing drivers, and fixes them with a single click.

Holistic Scanning and Updating

If you’re not computer-savvy or not sure how drivers should be maintained, Driver Talent would be your backup. It can fix several simple and tricky computer problems connected with hardware drivers. And it works with Windows 10, Windows 8, and also Vista and XP. Besides downloading and implementing driver updates, Driver Talent also uninstalls and restores drivers for graphics/video card, motherboard, network adapter, USB, sound/audio card, mouse, network printer, keyboard, webcam, scanner, Bluetooth, DVD player, gamepad, etc.

Backing Up Drivers

Driver Talent also lets you back up drivers. The updated driver’s file size, release date and version number can be seen so that you may compare the details and confirm that you are actually receiving an authentic update. The tool also shuts down your computer automatically after it is done installing drivers so that the updates are activated. You may choose to install a particular version of the driver and not necessarily the recent driver. Also, the program can reinstall installed drivers that do not need an update.


Author's review

After a fresh install of Windows, there is no internet and no drivers. How can you get the internet connection? No worries! Driver Talent for Network Card is designed to help you in these 'no internet and no drivers' cases.

With a big driver library integrated inside, Driver Talent for Network Card will help to download and install network (both wired and wireless network adapters are applied) drivers without internet connection. When you are installing Driver Talent for Network Card, it will scan your computer and identify the network adapter, then install the best-matched driver for the adapter.

All major network drivers are included in Driver Talent for Network Card's driver library. Any cases when internet is not available and network card driver is missing, broken or malfunctioning, Driver Talent for Network Card is your best helper.

After the installation, the interface and all other features is the same as Driver Talent, the popular driver updater and management software provided by OSToto Co., Ltd. You can use it to download and install driver updates, repair driver issues, backup, restore and uninstall drivers with ease. Also, it makes it easy to install all USB-connected devices driver like mouse, keyboard, network printer, scanner, gamepad, bluetooth devices and so on.

However, you need to activate to pro for more features. And the activation is free by Dec 31th, 2015. If you activate it before this day, you will enjoy a lifetime free Driver Talent Pro.


If you are interested to know what device drivers are meant for, then you’ve come to the right place. But before we will provide you with our best free driver updater list, let’s talk about what these drivers are all about. This will deepen your knowledge about drivers and help you identify which free driver updater works best for you.

Device drivers are a component of software that helps the operating system and computer hardware interact, perform properly, and ensure the seamless flow and completion of all tasks. The drawback is that these drivers get corrupted and outdated. This problem is why you need a free driver updater for your computer. They fix the issues behind your system drivers and update them to enable your PC to perform like new.

The driver updater tools are required for hassle-free and smooth troubleshooting of your PCs. You may discover numerous driver installers online to diagnose and resolve driver issues. However, you can always go for free driver updater software to fix and update all corrupt, outdated, and missing drivers automatically as well as tweak your computer’s performance with a simple click.


1. Driver Booster

Driver Booster

First on our list for the best free driver updater tools is Driver Booster. It boasts plenty of efficient features and works well with multiple Microsoft OS (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10).

This free driver updater automatically verifies outdated drivers and provides you with a comprehensive report. You can also download new updates from the Driver Booster app with just one click.

Driver Booster’s updates aren’t accessible in a web browser. That said, users don’t need to manually download updates compared to other driver updater tools, eliminating the possibility of clicking incorrect download links.

In terms of network connection, this free driver updater won’t properly scan for updates without an active internet connection. The app will simply just scan without any comprehensive factual details which leads to incorrect driver updates.


  • –  No Limitations on Driver Updates and Downloads
  • –  Downloads Necessary Drivers from Within the App



  • –  Always Displays the “Activate Now” Button to Acquire the Pro Version
  • –  Internet Connection is required to scan for updates on specific drivers

Free Download


2. DriverMax


Automation is the core foundation of DriverMax’s free driver updater capabilities. It features automated driver installations, comprehensive driver backups, and scheduled scanning. 

Unlike most free driver updater tools, DriverMax doesn’t require users to manually search for the download link on the web browser. Instead, it allows automatic updating or installation of outdated drivers.

This free driver updater tool is highly compatible with all versions of Windows. Regardless if it’s a 32-bit or a 64-bit computer, it supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

DriverMax has a free version, but its primary limitation is that it only permits you to download a specific number of drivers daily and monthly. Fortunately, it’s not a constraint that will cause too much inconvenience to casual PC users.


  • –  Automatic Installation of Drivers Updates
  • –  Enables Backup of All Device Drivers



  • –  Limitations on Downloading Drivers to Twice Daily and 10x Monthly
  • –  Inaccuracy of Driver Updates

Free Download


3. DriverPack Solution

DriverPack Solution

One of the free driver updater tools that offer one of the easiest to navigate user interfaces is DriverPack Solution. It’s one of the best driver updater tools as it’s jam-packed with all the necessary features you’ll need.

Everything is easily accessible in just a few clicks. That said, it searches for the right drivers for your computers and then downloads and installs them on your PC. There’ll be no more unnecessary clicks through installation panels and prompts.

There are two ways of updating old drivers in DriverPack Solution. You can initially set it up as “Regular Mode” as the default way. It automatically finds missing, outdated, or corrupted drivers and downloads and installs the necessary updates. On the contrary, you can configure “Expert Mode” if you prefer choosing which update you’ll install.

DriverPack Solution allows you to download particular sets of drivers such as video, sound, Bluetooth, and chipset. Once you’ve downloaded specific drivers–for instance, Bluetooth–the app will provide you with separate folders for different brands such as Broadcom, Motorola, and Logitech.


  • –  Quick Downloads of Driver Updates
  • –  Allows Installation of Outdated Drivers Even When Not Online



  • –  Drivers can’t be hidden when scanning is in progress
  • –  Unavailability of Scheduled Scans

Free Download


4. DriverHub


DriverHub is another user-friendly driver updater. With extremely minimal user action, this free driver updater tool automatically downloads and installs the needed drivers for your system. DriverHub has a comprehensive module primarily dedicated to recovery as a contingency plan in case something fails.

With just a few menu components, DriverHub has a sleek aesthetic. It’s easier for users to navigate around and use its features. Through DriverHub’s custom settings, users can disable apps/programs for automatic updates as well as changing the folder path for downloaded drivers.

By default, DriverHub has a simple and straightforward user interface that you can leave as it is. That being said, you’ll entirely rely on DriverHub’s recommendation for updating drivers. A more advanced experience means configuring the app to “Advanced Mode” so you can choose which drivers to update, install, and verify the version number.

Task Manager, Disk Management, Display Settings, and Power Supply Settings are integrated into DriverHub’s Useful Programs. It is a supplemental feature that isn’t entirely related to driver updates.


  • –  Bulk Downloading of Drivers is Available
  • –  Sleek, Easy-To-Navigate User Interface



  • –  Drivers can’t be hidden when scanning is in progress

Free Download


5. Snappy Driver Installer

Snappy Driver Installer

Interested in downloading a free driver updater that can work even when you’re offline? The Snappy Driver Installer is an excellent option for you. Regardless if you are connected to the internet, this free driver updater still provides you with faster and efficient driver updates.

Similar to other driver updater tools on this list, Snappy Driver Installer automatically finds the necessary and compatible drivers for you and eventually downloads and installs them on your computer. While it may not have the most streamlined UI, Snappy Driver Installer will still work wonders for your driver updates. Once you’ve downloaded the app, it scans for driver updates for your PC and then allows you to choose which drivers to install from its menu.

Unlike other free driver updater apps, Snappy Driver Installer’s standout feature is that there are no limitations on the number of drivers you need to update as well no limitation on the download speeds. Most of all, it doesn’t have any annoying ads popping here and there.


  • –  No Ads
  • –  Compatible With Offline Driver Installations



  • –  Unavailability of Scheduled Scans
  • –  Complicated User Interface Compared To Other Free Driver Updaters

Free Download


6.Device Doctor

Device Doctor

Device Doctor is one of the unique free driver updaters that provides you with ease of access and convenience. The program doesn’t require any installation for using its unique range of features. You may also use it as a portable program.

To describe how Device Doctor works, it’s extremely easy and straightforward to use. The app will allow you to schedule scans to verify outdated, missing, or corrupted drivers. Once it has detected any driver issues, you will be redirected to a website for manual download and installation.

Compatible with Windows 10 down to Windows XP, you need to download an unzip program to extract the files. You can use Windows’ pre-installed program or you another app such as WinZip or 7-Zip.

Even though it’s a free driver updater tool, Device Doctor has a major restriction. It only allows you to download and install one driver daily. If you’re a heavy PC user, you should consider some of the other driver update tools on our list.


  • –  Can Be Utilized as Portable Program
  • -Downloading of Drivers can Easily Be Performed In The App



  • – Driver Download Limitations of Up To One Per Day
  • -Too Many Advertisements

Free Download


7. Driver Talent

Driver Talent

Do you prefer the automated way of updating, downloading, and installing missing, corrupted, and outdated drivers? Driver Talent is the perfect program for your needs. This free driver updater is jam-packed with unique and comprehensive features.

One of its notable features is that it allows reinstallation of drivers that aren’t updated yet. It is very useful for troubleshooting a driver issue on your computer.

Aside from updating and downloading drivers, Driver Talent helps you resolve driver issues such as corrupted drivers and backs up your existing drivers.

Release Date, File Size, and Version Numbers of specific drivers are provided in the app so you are ensured to have the correct driver as well as its version for your PC.

The driver update will work just fine even if your don’t have a stable internet connection since it is integrated with network drivers and works well even if offline.


  • –  Quick Installation
  • –  Backup of Drivers Are Performed Before Installation and Uninstallation



  • –  Unavailability of Bulk Download Feature
  • –  Scanning Schedule for Outdated Drivers Isn’t Customizable

Free Download


8. Driver Easy

Driver Easy

Driver Easy is another Windows-friendly free driver updater tool. It allows you to run a scheduled scan that verifies for missing, outdated, and corrupted drivers. Once it has found any driver issues, it prompts you for downloading an update. You can also schedule a scan in different frequencies such as monthly, weekly, and daily. You can even schedule a scan in specific incidents such as when you sign in to your Windows computer or when your PC goes on “Sleep Mode.”

With Driver Easy, driver updating is simple and straightforward. You don’t need to launch an external web browser and visit the download link of the driver updates. Similar to other free driver updater apps, Driver Easy has an offline mode for driver updating. Another noteworthy aspect of Driver Easy is that it allows you to view hardware information so you can install the correct driver for your PC.


  • –  Portable App That Can Be Used At Home or Work
  • -Quick Driver Scanning



  • -Bulk Download Is Not Supported
  • -Manual Installation of Driver Updates

Free Download


9. DriversCloud


DriversCloud is a free driver updater service that provides you with comprehensive information about your software and hardware. Aside from hardware and software information, it provides you with detailed reports about your computer’s outdated drivers.

After installing DriversCloud, it scans for outdated, missing, and corrupted drivers. It then the app provides you with a download link so you can manually download the updated version. Other features you can configure with DriversCloud include BSOD Analysis, Network Configuration, My Drivers, and Autorun.

Hardware Identification, INF File Name and Date, Manufacturer, and Version Number are just some of the driver information displayed on the app, helping users install the right drivers.


  • -Comprehensive Details About Drivers On Your PCs
  • -Allows Installation of Beta Driver Updates



  • -Bulk Downloading Feature Is Not Supported
  • -Manual Download and Installation of Drivers

Free Download


10. Free Driver Scout

Free Driver Scout

Are you too busy to update and troubleshoot all your missing and corrupted drivers? Let Free Driver Scout do the work for you. It is one of the free driver updater apps on this list that relies on automation. Free Driver Scout will automatically look, download, and install for any required updates to your computers without any user input.

If you prefer a faster way of scanning drivers on your PCs, you can exclude a specific driver/s on the list so they won’t show up in your future scans. Free Driver Scout also allows you to have a comprehensive backup of all your drivers and restores them whenever it is required. You can also choose which drivers to back up if you don’t need a full backup.

With the integration of an OS Migration Tool, Free Driver Scout allows you to simply launch the tool if you’re going to have a different Windows OS on your PC. It will search for the device drivers of your new OS and store them on a custom path such as a flash drive. For instance, you can use this tool to restore the OS-specific drivers when you have the other Windows OS installed. As a result, you don’t have to worry about locating the original drivers for your PC.


  • -Scheduled Scans for Outdated Drivers
  • -Automatic Update for Device Drivers Are Supported



  • -Third-Party Installation During Setup of the Program
  • -App hasn’t been updated for quite some time

Free Download


11. DriverIdentifier


DriverIdentifier is a straightforward but essential free driver updater tool for your Windows computers. It is one of the free driver updater apps that provides you with more than 25 million drivers for download. It can also be used as a portable program.

Concerned about not having a working network driver? A noteworthy aspect of DriverIdentifier is that it works perfectly well even without an active internet connection. It allows you to download a list of drivers through an HTML document.

To proceed, you just need to access the HTML document on a PC that has a working internet connection. After that, this free driver updater app will verify the results with their repositories. If you have a specific driver that requires an update, an update link is available next to the driver’s name.


  • -Offline Mode Support
  • -Integrated With Comprehensive Information about Specific Drivers



  • -Registration of an Account Before Downloading Drivers
  • -Manual Download of Drivers from a Web Browser

Free Download


12. Avast Driver Updater

Avast Driver Updater

Another simple yet comprehensive free driver updater app is the Avast Driver Updater. It is efficient, lightweight, and smooth as well as searches for outdated, corrupt, or missing drivers. Once it has found any driver issue, Avast Driver Updater will automatically update these drivers in the background. This app is perfect for people who are too busy to work on their PC. You just simply press the Start Scan button and in a few minutes, the app will provide you with comprehensive scan results.

Avast Driver Updater also targets keyboards, printers, graphics, video, and audio drivers for a more optimized PC performance.


  • –  24/7 Online Support
  • – 
    Backup of Drivers Is Available



  • – Too Many Pop-Up Messages When Switching Tabs
  • –  Unable to Display Driver Source During Update

Free Download


13. Smart Driver Care

Smart Driver Care

Smart Driver Care is a powerful and outstanding driver updater software that detects incompatible, missing, outdated, and corrupted drivers. The app enables users to update these drivers in a single click to enjoy improved PC performance. Among other driver updater tools, this app shows a serious approach to system security. The integrated back-up tool enables users to create full and partial copies of drivers, and the app automatically sorts them by the creation time.


  • -Availability of Restore Points Manager
  • -Automatic Scanning is supported



  • -Slow Download Speed
  • -On-Click Update Feature is not supported

Free Download


14. Driver Reviver

Driver Reviver

Compatible with Windows OS, Driver Reviver verifies, downloads, and installs missing, outdated, and corrupted drivers. The Driver Reviver will connect to its huge repository and verify the authenticity of all required drivers on your computers. Through its scheduler, you can have regular inspections done once daily or weekly. If you have any unwanted or unstable driver versions, you can configure them in the app’s Exclusions List.


  • – Comprehensive Backup and Restore Features
  • -Sleek and Easy To Navigate



  • -Partial Drivers Backup isn’t supported
  • -No Cancellation of Driver Download during Installation

Free Download


15. Driver Genius

Driver Genius

Driver Genius detects is another comprehensive driver updater app that detects, downloads, and installs drivers for your PC.

What’s unique about this free driver updater app is it has a huge database of drivers for specific components. It has drivers for scanners, motherboards, printers, sound cards, network, and video cards. With just a single click, you can resolve any kind of issue related to your drivers. Driver Genius has a unique feature to integrate all drivers into one executable automatic installer.


  • -Two Methods of Driver Recovery
  • -Lots of Extra Features



  • – Free Version Has Limited Download Speed
  • -Complicated User Interface

Free Download


16. TweakBit


TweakBit provides you with a batch of programs to resolve and optimize your computer’s system performance including a free updater driver integration, the TweakBit Driver Updater. It detects outdated, corrupted, and missing drivers as well as get the latest driver versions for your PCs. If you’re interested, TweakBit has a comprehensive suite for improving your computer’s performance, such as File Recovery, Repair Kit, PC Booster, and PS Suite.

TweakBit’s database of more than 200,000 device drivers allows maximum efficiency on your computers. Once the user launches TweakBit, it immediately performs diagnostic tasks on your computer’s system or specific devices. After that, it provides you with all the necessary updates.


  • -Availability of Device-Specific Drivers When Applicable
  • -Impressive System Performance and User-Friendly Interface



  • -Registration of Account for Full Feature Accessibility
  • –  Installation File Can Be Mistaken As A Threat By Specific Antivirus Apps

Free Download


17. DriverDoc


DriverDoc is one of the most efficient updating tools out there. This free driver updater tool automatically scans your computer each time you launch the program. It scans your hardware and eventually updates your drivers in the correct format. There is no need to manually update your drivers since everything is automated with the DriverDoc app.

With more than 15 million device drivers, DriverDoc has claimed to be the biggest driver repository of just about any hardware or computer products. The company has also claimed that they have integrated a deep scanning of driver websites so that their users won’t have the risk of downloading malware into their computers.


  • -One-Click Installation is available
  • –  Sleek, Easy-To-Navigate User Interface



  • –  Drivers can’t be hidden when scanning is in progress
  • –  Unavailability of Scheduled Scans

Free Download


18. Driver Finder


Driver Finder is a free driver updater that selects a specific driver based on the computer’s model. The app chooses an entirely compatible driver for the system by using unique identifiers for the device.

The app has a built-in small client which is located on the app’s main tray and offers quick access to the main panel of the interface.

One of the most notable features of the Driver Finder is its excellent driver backup system. You can create a full, partial, or customized backups with the Driver Finder.


  • –  Bulk Downloading of Drivers is Available
  • –  Sleek, Easy-To-Navigate User Interface



  • –  Drivers can’t be hidden when scanning is in progress
  • –  Unavailability of Scheduled Scans

Free Download


19. AVG Driver Updater

AVG Driver Updater

AVG Driver Updateris considered one of the best driver updaters by computer users around the world. It boasts a classic user interface and highlights an over-250,000 driver database. AVG Driver Updater scans your PC in real-time and provides you with all the latest updates.

The app easily resolves all common PC issues such as PC freezing, PC crashes, connectivity issues, and numerous other computer-related glitches.


  • –  Bulk Downloading of Drivers is Available
  • –  Sleek, Easy-To-Navigate User Interface



  • –  Drivers can’t be hidden when scanning is in progress
  • –  Unavailability of Scheduled Scans

Free Download


20. ITL Driver Updater

ITL Driver Updater

The ITL Driver Updater is a multi-purpose utility tool that detects all outdated, corrupted, or missing drivers in your computers that are causing multiple issues to your computer.

This free driver updater scans your system for any broken or corrupted drivers and resolves them all at once. The app provides you with a variety of unique and exceptional features that are more than enough to cater to the needs of each user.


  • –  Bulk Downloading of Drivers is Available
  • –  Sleek, Easy-To-Navigate User Interface



  • –  Drivers can’t be hidden when scanning is in progress
  • –  Installation File Can Be Mistaken As A Threat In Specific Antivirus Apps

Free Download


Now that you know these best free driver updater tools, it is time for you to download one of the driver updaters to ensure all of the drivers for your Windows computers are updated. 

Did we miss anything on the list? What are some of the free driver updater tools we haven’t mentioned in this article? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section!


Driver Talent Pro Network Card Ostoto FreeDriver Talent Pro for Network Card (OSToto)

Driver Talent for Network Card is a professional driver updater/installer/downloader, which is specially designed to fix network driver problems, install network drivers without internet connection.
Key features of Driver Talent for Network Card
Download and install best-matched network driver for your wired and wireless adapter without internet connection.
Scan and find outdated, missing, corrupted, and broken drivers for Windows computer.
Download and install needed drivers with one click.
Backup, restore, uninstall drivers with easy steps.
100% compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista.
Check all hardware information in one place.
If you have no internet and no driver, Driver Talent for Network Card is your best choice.

Unit Price: EUR 16.66
Total: EUR 16.66
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 16.66: EUR 3.17
EUR 19.83
Delivery: Trial version, License key
Option: Backup Media [Info]
Download Protection (Duration: 24 months) [Info]
File Size: Full version: 184.2 MB
Download Time: Full version
56k: ~429 min.
DSL/Cable (1/8/16Mbit): ~26 / ~3 / ~2 min.

Get More Information about Driver Talent Pro Network Card Ostoto Free

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Windows supports a wide range of different software and hardware and every year new hardware is built and updated to give you the experience of the latest tech advancements like Bluetooth dongle with 5.0, USB with 3.0 or new Microphone.

Have you ever thought about what makes this wide range of hardware compatible with most of the Windows OS version, any guess,

Yes, Drivers

A driver is a piece of software that makes an operating system and hardware device communicate with each other properly,

When Drivers are updated and compatible with the current version of the operating system you will find no issue while using new devices otherwise you will find issues like frequent disconnects, not recognising the device at all or stop working after some time.

To fix these problem caused by outdated drivers you need to update drivers, you can do that by manually finding and downloading each driver and waste your time or use Driver updates apps that are available for Windows 10.

Note: Don’t try to update drivers if nothing is broken otherwise you will end up breaking something.

Driver Booster by IObit

db update driver

IObit is know for its Advanced SystemCare softwares that keep your computer lag free.

IObit also provides a product to manage drivers of your system easily,

Any driver updater software is useful for you if it can detect all drivers currently in use and their current and latest versions otherwise you will only get updates for some drivers,

Driver Booster has a database of drivers 45,00,000. You will always find the latest drivers for your system.

The most amazing feature of Driver Booster is it can automatically scan and download the latest version of drivers so you can install it even when you don’t have a network connection. Useful if you do not always have access to the internet.

You can always rollback to previous version of driver if driver update fails or not working properly.

Download Driver Booster by IObit

Snappy Driver Installer Origin

Snappy Driver Installer Origin or known as SDIO is a portable Windows drive updater utility that checks all your drivers if they are up to date or not.

SDIO is free and open source so anyone can evaluate the code to check if this tool is trustworthy or not. Get SDIO’s source code from its Sourceforge download page.

Since SDIO is free its also free from adware, malware and other unwanted third party software’s too.

With SDIO you have two option you can download the Application Only run it and then download the required drivers only or you can download all drivers and application at once so you can install on any system where internet connection is not great.

Download Snappy Driver Installer Origin

Driver Easy

Driver Easy is one stop solution for your all driver needs.

You can easily find outdated drivers with one scan, For single-use, all features are essential features are available in the free version. So you won’t have any problem updating drivers on your system.

Some of the features are only for pro users but they are only helpful if you want to use them regularly to always keep your drivers updated.

Driver Easy can scan and detect outdated drivers while offline so you can download the drivers from another PC where an internet connection is available

  • 1 Click Install of all drivers (Pro)
  • All Drivers are thoroughly scanned and are only added to the list if they meet the criteria
  • CPU-Z is inbuilt so you can easily check your detailed hardware info.
  • Create Auto Restore point so you can roll back to a previous state (Pro)
  • Automatic run and check for drivers (Pro)
driver easy

Download Driver Easy

Driver Talent

Driver Talent is free driver updater with all bells and whistles.

You can scan and update all outdated drivers with one click,

Driver Talent also offers the option to scan a computer while offline and download the driver from another computer that is connected to the Internet.

Some features like

  • One-click install and update,
  • Auto repair and fix drivers issues,
  • Automatic backup of drivers and create a restore point
  • Quick scan to find outdated, corrupted, outdated and incompatible drivers so you can update them
  • Pre-download drivers, so you can install it you have time

Many features mentioned above are pro only but you can still use the free version of the Driver talent and get the work done.

driver talent

Download Driver Talent

Drivers Cloud

Drivers cloud is somewhat unique in this list, their approach to download drivers are different from others in the list.

To download the drivers you need to install a small app so that the drivers’ cloud website can automatically detect drivers required for your system.

Or if you want to update drivers for a computer on which internet connection is not always available then you need to download offline detection zip for your system and generate a file that you can drop on the Driver Cloud website to get the latest drivers list you need to download.

driver cloud

Download Drivers Cloud

More Driver Updater Apps

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Driver Boosters

Everyone has some questions and doubts before doing anything on the computer because there is more chance to break something when you are not sure what you are doing.

You should clear your doubts first, here are some frequently asked questions related to driver boosters or updater’s if your question is not listed here sure to look for the answer first.

Is Driver Booster Safe?


Just make sure you download the software from the official website and see the reviews about them online before running that software on your system.

Also make sure backup your current drivers to so you can revert back to old drivers.

Which software is Best Driver Updater Software?

Mentioning one answer for everyone is not easy because every driver updater utility packs some unique and useful features that differ from app to app.

So you can decide which driver updater is good for you after going through their features list.

Can I Update Drivers Manually?


If number of drivers are low in numbers, updating them manually is preferred way.

But when the number of apps grow, updating all drivers manually is tiresome work and takes your time.

How to Update Drivers Safely?

First backup your current drivers and save them somewhere safe,

After then start updating important drivers one by one using the software so you can revert back if any specific apps driver miss behaves.

Should I Update Drivers?

It Depends,

If your system is misbehaving and your hardware is having proper compatibility issues then Yes, you should update your Windows drivers,

You should also update your drivers when there is serious vulnerability is patched in the latest drivers.

Only time you should not be updating your windows drivers when there is no issue due to drivers and everything is working fine on your computer, You should avoid driver update to create any compatibility issue.


Hope your questions about best driver updater is answered here and you found one great driver booster app for your computer, do let us know which one you choose and why.

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Free Download Driver Talent
Enlarge Driver Talent Screenshot
FindMySoft Editor's Review
Driver Talent - One-click driver updates
Installing and updating drivers is always a pain and one of the reasons people postpone reinstalling their operating systems. This is where Driver Talent comes in. It can download new drivers, update existing ones, back them up and more. The main advantage is the fact that you don't have to go to any websites and search for drivers, but the software simplifies other tasks as well.

Driver Talent comes in free and paid versions. It works on all modern Windows versions and it can be installed quickly, without making any complicated configurations. The software doesn't ask for any special tools or services and its hardware requirements are modest.

The software has several interesting features to look at. When launched, it will offer to scan your computer and check your drivers. Once the scan is complete, you will find a list of drivers that need to be updated or repaired. All you have to do is click a download button, next to each driver, after which you can start installing them in a similar fashion. Alternatively, you can select multiple drivers and click a Start button, in the upper right corner of the interface, to process all drivers in a single run.

Besides updating drivers, backing them up and restoring them is another possibility. The procedure is similar to the updating process. Just choose which drivers you want to back up or restore and click a button to begin. It is also possible to uninstall drivers, with the same ease, which is ideal for when you change your hardware.

Driver Talent comes with a few advanced features as well. For example, the software can search for peripheral drivers, so if you have a printer on your network, you can update its drivers quickly and easily. Another useful feature is the possibility of pre-downloading drivers. There are several reasons to use this feature, but the most important one is preparing your computer, if you intend to reinstall the operating system.

With Driver Talent, installing and updating drivers won't be a hassle anymore.

The software can find, download and install drivers for you. It can also back up and restore drivers. Furthermore, Driver Talent can be used to prepare drivers, in case you need to reinstall your operating system.

There are many restrictions to encounter in the free version.

You can download Driver Talent free here.

Driver Talent Editor's Review Rating
Driver Talent has been reviewed by Frederick Barton on 16 Feb 2017. Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated Driver Talent 5 out of 5 stars, naming it Essential

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How To Download Driver Talent Pro -- 2021 V. Download

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