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Performance at a price you’ll love For your chance to win a tractor for 12 months enter on the ArmaTrac stands at LAMMA. Hall 9 (stand 254), Hall 12 (stand 304), Hall 18 (stand 224) FG Armatrac tractor comp p003_Lamma2019.indd 3 ad Oct18.indd 1

10/10/2018 06/12/2018 14:08 12:31


A 940 VARIO MT arrived at Lincolnshire Field Products in late June and had clocked up 400 hours with Mr Walker at the wheel by mid-October. Mr Walker is still working with Agco to refine its operation, and says he is enjoying the journey so far: “The improvement in ride quality is the most obvious point.”

A new suspension system has been developed for the 940 Vario MT using helical springs with integrated pressure surge dampers and additional hydraulic shock absorbers for damping if bouncing occurs, limiting the spring travel. A torque rod stabiliser bar provides the chassis with lateral stability.

Spring travel is 260mm, and the suspension allows a swing angle of 11-degrees on each drive, said to be comparable with the front axle suspension of a wheeled tractor.

to follow ground contours, and the cab also has two-point sprung suspension.

Fendt has also fitted the three middle track rollers in the track frame via a pendulum suspension, which allows them to be adjusted

Mr Walker says: “All this gives the stability of tracks and the comfort of tyres. There is no ‘roll’. Compared with the Challenger ride, I would say it is 100 per cent better.”

slip in the wet, the Vario reacts quickly to slow the engine down until traction is regained.

Mr Walker says: “This makes such a difference. Traditionally, tracked tractors had limitations in the wet. Combining the

ability of the transmission with the proven track drive system from Jackson is what makes it work.”

POWERTRAIN Z UNDER the bonnet, the 9.8-litre seven-cylinder Agco Power engine has been retained, delivering 405hp (rated) on the 940 Vario MT model, but has been redeveloped to match the Vario transmission, says the manufacturer. Mr Walker says: “It is more balanced, so it runs smoother and is quieter with no rattling. On the Challenger, you always got the feeling it was trying to shake itself to bits.” However, Mr Walker stresses that the Vario transmission has been built for purpose. “There is a misconception that it has come from the 1000 Series, but in fact it was developed for a tracked tractor first to cope with the grip exerted by tracks. “The main advantage is you can feel the power going to the floor, so it is more efficient in the sticky conditions we face. “But you can also control that power, where the Challenger’s powershift was all or nothing.” He adds that when tracks start to

Continues on p6

4 Lamma 2019 p2 4 6 JR BB.indd 4


11/12/2018 11:26

p005_Lamma2019.indd 3

06/12/2018 12:33

LAMMA 2019 PRACTICALITIES Z THE Fendt 940 Vario MT is slightly heavier than its predecessor, weighing in at just under 21 tonnes fully ballasted, but Mr Walker says this is mitigated by an increased footprint of 20cm longer tracks. He says: “It has a surprisingly light footprint for its weight.” At the back-end, the Husco hydraulics have been replaced with a Bosch Rexroth system controlled by Fendt software, while the linkage is still very much Challenger, but has been further reinforced. Mr Walker says: “There is more refinement as you would expect, but it is all very beefy.” While the cab looks familiar from the outside as the Challenger structure has been retained, inside it is very much Fendt territory, with the Varioterminal, joystick and armrest controls, as used on wheeled tractors.

TRACTOR SPECIFICATIONS Z ● Model: Fendt 940 Vario MT ● Power: 405hp rated ● Engine: Agco Power, seven-cylinder, 9.8-litre ● Transmission: TA 300T Vario, top speed 40kph ● Rear lift capacity: 11,500kg ● Tracks: 60cm or 75.6cm ● Unladen weight: 15,169kg ● Maximum weight: 20,900kg ● Price: £349,158

EXPECTATIONS Z EXACT fuel consumption comparisons have been difficult thus far, as Mr Walker swapped a 765D Series Challenger for the 940 Vario MT rather than the equivalent power of an E series, but he expects improvements from the lower revving, more efficiently managed engine. The next step will be to make use of the tractor’s VarioDoc software to record jobs and study parameters such as fuel consumption. While Mr Walker praises the Topcon precision farming system used on the Challengers, he has also seen improvements with the VarioGuide. “The autosteer is more suited to tracks, as the sensitivity is easier to control. It picks up gradually rather than getting that ‘twitch’, and is especially helpful when ploughing, which is the tractor’s main job from October to March.” He says that Lincolnshire Field Products is expecting a lot from the tractor in its first season and it will have to work in tough conditions. He says: “We had doubts about its ability for heavy draft work, but it had the Flatlift on for three weeks and never missed a beat. We have expected teething troubles, and we stay in close contact with Chandlers, but there have been no problems.”

6 Lamma 2019 p2 4 6 JR BB.indd 6

But is all the technology overkill for a cultivations tractor, and could its complexity be off-putting for someone used to the

relative simplicity of the Challenger? Mr Walker says: “You have to develop a different mentality. We have other Fendts

in the fleet, so I was used to them, but I think once you get to grips with it, the driver-friendly features will win you over.”

11/12/2018 11:28


DEUTZ-FAHR always designs its products by carefully considering tomorrow’s challenges. This view allows the manufacturer to offer a full line of tractors and combines harvesters, with contemporary style, high levels of comfort, modern powerful engines and forward thinking features. Couple these factors with advanced precision farming systems and low operating costs; the result is to make DEUTZ-FAHR the perfect partner to increase the profitability of your business. Visit us in Hall 7 for more information. DEUTZ-FAHR is a brand of

SDF Lamma Preview Advert_A4_11_18.indd 1 p007_Lamma2019.indd 3

27/11/2018 06/12/2018 09:09 12:28

LAMMA 2019 Despite an increasing number of tractors being GPS-equipped and autosteer ready, one Gloucestershire dairy farmer is making the most of a simple, low-cost light bar guidance system. Geoff Ashcroft reports.

Simple route to staying on track


loucestershire dairy farmer Jack Griffiths is not interested in an all-singing, all-dancing RTK steering system for his tractors. “They are just too complex and far too expensive for our needs,” he says. “I do not require an ultra-accurate level of steering, but I have been looking for a simple and straightforward light bar guidance system I can use with more than one tractor.” With 445 hectares of grass and 162ha of maize at Taynton Court Farms, Taynton, Gloucester, the Griffiths family operates a New Zealand-based grazing system with 1,200 cows. “We have divided 600 acres of our grass into 3.4ha blocks and our grazing regime means we need to make regular applications with fertilisers,” he says. “While we only make low doses, typically 30kg/ha applications, we will cover the grazing blocks around four times during the growing season. “We do not make variable rate applications or use section control, though we do want to drive straight and true at 24-metre bout widths, to make the most of application accuracy.”

Using an iPhone and an app, users can set A-B lines and then steer a straight course following lights on the unit positioned on the bonnet.

The farm had been using Trimble’s EZ-Guide 150 for several years, but Mr Griffiths had fallen increasingly out of favour with the system. “The 150’s screen and guidance lights are too small to see properly. The device is overly complex and is just not practical to shift from cab to cab when we use different tractors for

fieldwork,” he says. “While modern auto-steer and GPS has become far better integrated into new tractors, it is just an unnecessary high cost for us.”

The answer he was looking for came from the Lamma-award winning Agricision onTrak device. The light bar guidance system is operated through

WHAT IS THE ONTRAK? Z LAUNCHED at the Lamma Show in January 2017, the Agricision onTrak guidance system integrates a receiver with a light bar unit and eliminates the need for wires running around the cab. The guidance unit is attached to the bonnet using magnetic discs. This enables it to be placed directly in the operator’s line of sight. The waterproof device links with the user’s iOS device by Bluetooth and runs on a rechargeable battery giving 24 hours of operation on a single charge.

Its simplicity enables it to deliver A-B lines and provide a field boundary. Recording functions are optional and a curved A-B line is being developed, possibly for the next software upgrade. Once powered up, onTrak is linked to and managed by an app, allowing the iOS device to be used as the operator interface. A central green light indicates you are on course. And this is flanked by three red lights either side, indicating how far off your chosen A-B line you have become.

The unit is attached to the bonnet using magnets, keeping it in eye view when steering.

8 Lamma 2019 p8 10 JR BB.indd 2

11/12/2018 11:29


NEW MLA-T 533 State-of-the-art ”M-Vario Plus” transmission. Get up to 40 kph smoothly & without changing gear.

Engine power


5.20m Max. lift height

3.3t Max. capacity

SIMPLE & EFFICIENT MAINTENANCE Protected, easy-to-reach fuel, hydraulic oil and AdBlue® tank fillers located in the engine compartment. 2D CENTRE ARTICULATION Excellent turning radius optimises cycle times & enables the machine to work in the most confined spaces.

360° VISIBILITY This ensures your own safety as well as that of those around you.



p009_Lamma2019.indd 3

06/12/2018 12:29

LAMMA 2019

Moving the lightbar guidance between Taynton Court Farms’ tractors is as easy as lifting it off one and putting it on another.

an app and mounts onto the front of the tractor’s bonnet above the front axle. Using a built-in battery, the device does not need to be wired-in and can easily be moved between tractors and secured using built-in magnets. Tractors with non-metallic bonnets can be managed with the help of magnetic discs secured to the underside of the bonnet. Horse power at Taynton Court Farms is supplied courtesy of a pair of MF six-potters, including a 6480 and 7718, which cover about 2,000 hours/ year on a wide variety of tasks in-field and around the buildings. The farm was also making use of an MF7726 on tanker duties and this highlighted the

simplicity of using the onTrak system with any of the farm’s mules. “It is such a simple device,” he says. “I can move the light bar from tractor to tractor, attach it using the built-in magnets, and link it to my iPhone using Bluetooth.


“The onTrak app is easy to understand, so I only need to set the working width in the app and then tap the screen to record an A-B line,” he says. “With the line stored, the app gives me a series of parallel lines to follow and it links this data to the LEDs on the light bar. It is really easy to use. “I only need to follow the lights on

the bonnet to maintain a straight path across a field.” He says steering sensitivity can be adjusted through the app to suit forward speeds too. In his experience, Mr Griffiths reckons the location of the lightbar, directly over the front axle, means steering sensitivity is direct and responsive to mild inputs on the steering wheel. He says: “There is a lot of tolerance in the guidance system too, but if I find myself over-correcting, I just tweak the sensitivity a bit to stay on the right line.” Mr Griffiths has used the device for A-B lines when applying fertilisers at 24m, and also when rolling seedbeds using an 8m set of rolls. He says

It allows us to follow the lines in any field task with a useful degree of accuracy and for not much outlay JACK GRIFFITHS

accuracy is around the 20cm mark. “It is much more accurate than trying to do things by eye. And with this system, there is no costly subscription, so after buying the device and downloading the app, we were away. “It allows us to follow the lines in any field task with a useful degree of accuracy and for not much outlay. And the wider the working width, the greater the benefits become.” He says the drawbacks of the system are few and far between, though phone charge is one to watch.


“It connects to my iPhone using Bluetooth, so this can pull the phone battery down quite quickly. So I just keep my phone plugged in to a power lead in the cab to maintain its charge. And you also have to remember to put the light bar on charge before you want to use it.” He says while the device will operate for a couple of days on a full charge, it is possible to run a charging lead out the cab door and plug into the device’s USB socket if you are really stuck for battery charge. “However, it is not waterproof when you open the USB cover. But if you do get a hands-free phone call while using the app, it does remain connected, working in the background. “Overall, the device has allowed us to be more precise and efficient with applications, for a relatively low outlay.”

Jack Griffiths (left) with operator James Fowler and the Agricision onTrak system.

10 Lamma 2019 p8 10 JR BB.indd 4

11/12/2018 11:31

LAMMA 2019

p011_Lamma2019.indd 3

11 06/12/2018 12:35

LAMMA 2019 Shown at Lamma 2018, JCB’s latest loader combines the lifting ability of a small telehandler with the compactness of a skid-steer. But how does it fare on-farm? Jane Carley finds out.

Nifty mover works for dairy farm


anting greater lift and reach, yet maintain the compact dimensions of a small loader, Derbyshire dairy farmers Edward Neville and his son Adam have swapped a conventional skidsteer loader for JCB’s novel Teleskid. The Teleskid 3TS-8W is the same size as the fixed boom skid-steer on which it is based, but features extra reach and lift height from a telehandler-style boom. It was during a demonstration that the Nevilles saw the value of what an extending boom could bring to a skid-steer. Subsequently, they soon ordered one of the first production farm-spec machines last November. Edward says: “We expected the Teleskid to do a lot of work and it has, including lifting a cow when she went down. Day-to-day, the machine fills the mixer wagon, scrapes out cubicle yards, pushes silage up to the feed barrier and loads our bale shredder to chop straw into cubicles.” The Teleskid has clocked up nearly 1,000 hours in the past year, which helps extend the life of the farm’s main loader, a JCB Loadall 536-60. Adam says: “We needed a second loader and, since the Teleskid can handle 70 per cent of what a Loadall

The JCB Teleskid is taking the pressure off the main loader at Rushley Lodge Farm, near Matlock, Derbyshire.

can do in our situation, it makes sense. Having the two machines means we have a compact loader for inside buildings and around the yard, and a bigger machine for work out in the field.” The Teleskid handles most tasks in and around the buildings at Rushley Lodge Farm, near Matlock, Derbyshire, where the Neville family runs a 150-cow dairy herd of Holstein Friesians, averaging 6,000 litres a year. The Teleskid, which has a lift

LOADER SPECIFICATIONS Z ● Model: JCB Teleskid 3TS-8W ● Engine: JCB EcoMax, 4.4-litre, 74hp ● Transmission: Single- or two-speed hydrostatic, 10.9kph or 20kph top speed ● Hydraulics: 90-litre/min gear pump, optional 120-litre/min high-flow system ● Wheelbase: 1.25-metre ● Overall length: 3.8m (with bucket on the ground)

12 Lamma 2019 p12 14 15 JR BB.indd 2

● Height: 2.1m ● Width: 1.8-1.9m (tyre-dependent) ● Ground clearance: 238mm ● Bucket: 1.85m ● Maximum load-over height: 3.7m ● Maximum dump height: 3.1m ● Ground level reach: 2.25m ● Full height reach: 1.7m ● Price: £58,523

capacity of 611kg with the boom extended, operates a range of attachments, including a bucket, shear grab, silage pusher, bale spike and yard scraper, all of which can be swapped from the driver’s seat using an electrically operated quick hitch. Its boom is equipped with the manufacturer’s Smooth Ride System boom suspension to help retain loose materials and improve ride quality when travelling over rough ground.


In terms of control flexibility, Adam says: “Operators can switch between Iso and ‘H’ pattern joystick control and choose fixed or self-levelling bucket control using a button on the in-cab control panel, depending on the task and attachment. “Self-levelling bucket control keeps the bucket at the selected angle throughout the lift cycle to prevent spillage of loose materials and allows us to set the bucket after emptying, ready to dig into a stockpile again once the boom has come down.”

Boom and attachments are controlled via a joystick which offers three software settings for the controls and transmission to give a steadier or more rapid response, according to the operator’s preference and working situation. Access is also improved over the traditional skid-steer design, says Adam, with no clambering over the arms and attachment, as it has a side door. He says: “I kept slipping when getting on and off the skid-steer loader we had before, which was one reason we switched to the JCB skid-steer which has a single boom and side door.” Adam says: “With the heater and the radio on, it is a comfortable cab, and a lot quieter than a larger telehandler.” An obvious question when viewing the Teleskid for the first time is how stable a small telescopic loader will be, especially on rougher ground. Adam says: “You have to treat it with respect, just like you have to

11/12/2018 11:34

LAMMA 2019

Lamma Show Program Advert copy.pdf 1 20/11/2018 12:37:04










Order Online @


Engweld supply the UK welding & engineering industries with a wide variety of welding equipment, welding consumables, gas equipment, abrasives, power tools & hand tools. One of the UK's largest welding distributors, we operate an extensive network of distribution centres in the North of England, Humberside, East & West Midlands and South & West Yorkshire.

Engweld offer FREE next day delivery for ALL trade account customers (subject to stock availability) and have our own designated fleet of Engweld branded delivery vans so you can rest assured that your order will get to you exactly when you need it.

p013_Lamma2019.indd 3

13 11/12/2018 11:48

LAMMA 2019

Easy access to the cab of the Teleskid is offered, as Edward Neville demonstrates.

treat a telescopic handler or any other machine with caution. But, touch wood, we have given it a busy workload with several people have used it without a mishap. “It is actually surprisingly stable. When you are travelling without an attachment, it can get a bit light on the front, but pushing the boom out a

Jobs such as pushing up forage are made easier by the machine’s compact frame.

foot or so is enough of a counterweight to keep things steady.” Adam says the Teleskid weighs four tonnes, which helps keep it upright, while the metal guards and bodywork are designed to withstand the inevitable knocks and scrapes around the farmyard. “It is a really nippy machiner for

Avacast Gr quarter page landscape 190 x 65 (bleed).pdf


running along the feed barrier pushing up silage after cows have nosed it away. Everyone in the family uses it because it is so handy to jump on and off, even for taking several buckets of milk in one go to feed calves. You can go anywhere with it; I call it my mobility scooter. “The Teleskid’s manoeuvrability


is so handy in the cubicle house and other buildings, and it is small enough and quiet enough not to disturb the cows. I could not go back to a standard skid-steer now we have lived with this one.” Adam reckons the skid-steer saves £200/month on diesel costs compared to using a second full-size loader.


Get Back Control Machine Key Features:



• • • • • • •







See us in Hall 20, Stand 20.572

Electronic rate control Fitted to rollers up to 16m 200L, 400L & 1200L hoppers High capacity hydraulic fan 0.5m nozzle spacings (no drift) Metering unit designed for Avadex Also apply OSR or slug pellets


14 Lamma 2019 p12 14 15 JR BB.indd 4

11/12/2018 11:40

LAMMA 2019 Pictured is the ArmaTrac 1104 LuxCRD tractor.

Lowlander ® Manure Spreaders 3 Year Warranty

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Operator friendly Perkins engine ASIN: B088KJ9RXY 10.5 – 40 tonnes Hall 6 Stand 6.718 Tel: +44 (0) 1362 860352

Win an ArmaTrac tractor for a year


elebrating the move of the Lamma Show to the NEC, Birmingham, show exhibitor ArmaTrac is delighted to offer one lucky farmer the chance to win the use of one of its tractors for a whole year. In this exclusive competition, the winner can choose any tractor currently in production from the manufacturer’s range, which spans models from 50hp to 113hp. Following 12 months of in-depth research, ArmaTrac has identified a demand in the UK for a simple to use, easy to maintain, reliable, robust and cost-effective tractor. Built with the ethos of ‘economise without compromise,’ the tractors feature world-renowned tried and tested components. With few electronics, the driveline is well-proven, with Perkins engines providing power and ZF and Carraro taking care of transmissions and axles. In addition, a generous standard specification package on models from 70hp-plus includes four spools, hydraulic top link, front-end weights, Perkins/ZF powertrain, hydraulic trailer brakes, radio and air conditioning. A choice of loaders is also available.

Offering that necessary peace of mind, all ArmaTrac tractors come with a two-year ‘bumper-tobumper’ warranty. Providing backup is a comprehensive dealer network throughout the UK and Ireland. Each dealer has ArmaTrac tractors in stock ready for immediate delivery and staff are more than happy to offer demonstrations and test drives, says the manufacturer. Every dealer holds parts and service kits, along with fully trained mobile mechanics and vans. For your chance to win an ArmaTrac tractor for 12 months, you can enter now at, or for visitors to Lamma, you can enter in person at one of three stands. Two dedicated competition entry stands can be found in Hall 9, Stand 254, and Hall 12, Stand 304, or head over to ArmaTrac’s stand in Hall 18, Stand 224. Competition deadline is January 31, 2019, with the winner announced soon after. Once announced, the winner will be presented with the tractor at their farm.

bunning spreaders

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Lamma 2019 p12 14 15 JR BB.indd 5

15 11/12/2018 11:40

LAMMA 2019 Weaving Machinery’s latest trailed drill design is finding favour for no-till seeding, giving the capacity to make the system work. Jane Carley reports.

Sowing seeds of no-till success


uccess with no-till requires a whole system approach rather than just focusing on the drill, exponents of the technique confirm. This said, the right drill is key and, after success with a four-metre version of Weaving Machinery’s GD direct drill, H. and R. Hudson Farms has upgraded to the latest GD 6000T, due for commercial launch at Lamma 2019. The Worcestershire estate at Wyke Manor covers 365 hectares of arable and woodland and undertakes contracting for neighbours, as well as swapping land with local vegetable farmers to grow a cereal break crop for cabbages. Farm manager Glenn Robinson explains: “We began direct drilling five years ago, as yields had plateaued and we had an increasing black-grass problem. We were also keen to improve soil structure and cut establishment costs.” A 4m mounted GD drill from local manufacturer Weaving did a good job, he says, but capacity was lacking. He says: “We could not easily

get round the cover crops, and its mounted configuration with the tank up front meant it was time-consuming to get on and off the tractor.” A 6m trailed version, he reasoned, would be easier to hitch up and produce fewer wheelings. Mr Robinson says: “The extra capacity means we can now wait until conditions are right then crack on, rather than muddling the seed in regardless, especially in spring.”


Discussions with Simon Weaving revealed that a ‘Mk II’ version of the trailed drill, which would place the coulters under the tank rather than out behind, was in development and Mr Robinson, having opted for this, was loaned the newly-released 8m version to put cover crops in over summer while he waited. “We put 150ha of cover crops in with it, pulled by a John Deere 6930 in the hard, dry conditions of June and July,” he recalls. “We could not believe how well the drill put the seed in and, what is more, the 6930 just ticked along easily.”

The Weaving GD6000 T drill is offering increased capacity for H. and R. Hudson.

He adds that the 155hp tractor used 24-26 litres of diesel per hour, compared with 14-16 litres on the 4m drill. “When pushed hard, that tractor can use 35 litres/hour. All the weight of the drill is carried on the press wheels as the coulters are under the tank, so it is much easier to pull and you are not losing traction. It is effectively like pulling a laden 12-tonne grain trailer.” He points out the Scharmuller hitch, which attaches to the tractor’s lower

links, improves the manoeuvrability of the long narrow drill. “On the 8m version, you can turn back on yourself into the next row.” The hopper is split into three tanks; one each for grain and fertiliser holding 1.5t and a smaller tank for small seeds or pellets divided into two by 200kg compartments. An Avadex kit can also be specified. Calibration is achieved via the IsoBus terminal in the cab. “Set-up and calibration is straightforward though, as with

DRILL SPECIFICATIONS Z ● Model: Weaving GD 6000T ● Hopper Capacity: 5,000 litres ● Working width: Six metres ● Transport width: 3m

● Weight: 8,800kg ● Number of coulters: 36 ● Recommended power: 200hp ● Price: £64,400

IsoBus control allows the drill to be used with the tractor’s terminal.

16 Lamma 2019 p16 18 JR BB.indd 2

11/12/2018 14:56



Reduced soil compaction Higher load capacity Less operating costs Maximum performance Reliable comfort TO FIND YOUR LOCAL BKT DEALER PLEASE CONTACT:

Visit us at LAMMA, Hall 9 Stand 9.306

p017_Lamma2019.indd 3 ADV_VFlecto_UK_210x297.indd 1

06/12/2018 12:38 19/12/17 14:51

LAMMA 2019

Coulters are arranged in two rows and press wheels are now more durable.

The GD’s distinctive angled disc helps bite into hard ground.

Farm manager Glenn Robinson has seen an 80 per cent reduction in black-grass on-farm.

all RDS units, we find you need to weigh twice to get it totally accurate,” Mr Robinson comments. “Because it is an Accord distribution system, there is no need to change cartridge for different seed sizes or rates from 3kg/ha to 200kg/ha and this is a particular advantage of the third hopper compared to using a separate applicator.” Weaving’s proven GD seeding set-up using sharply angled discs is retained, with the addition of new press wheel tyres to resist punctures. “The angling helps the disc bite into the soil better, so it really penetrates hard ground, but also works well in wetter conditions,” says Mr Robinson. “The disc pressure has also been increased to 250kg/disc. We needed to weight the 4m version

18 Lamma 2019 p16 18 JR BB.indd 4

up in hard conditions, but as we have seen, the trailed drill goes in without a problem.” He says the benefits of direct drilling are already being seen on-farm, with improved drainage and increased worm populations. “Farming is in a position now where we have to do something about soil quality. “Successive generations have worked deeper into the soil with heavier machinery, and there is nowhere for the next generation to go except back to the top.” Apart from land coming out of or going into vegetables, all of Wyck Manor is now in zero-till – even land used for growing flowers for natural confetti will be no-tilled in the next two years, and Mr Robinson stresses getting the system right is key.

“Other than ahead of oilseed rape, all straw is chopped using a chopper on our John Deere T560 combine, to give a good spread and chop. We establish cover crops over winter ahead of spring crops, the mixture dependant on the following crop.” He says the GD has no problems going through residues and that the press wheel closes the slot well. The roller is another important part of the armoury, with a 9m Cousins roll with

Farming is in a position now where we have to do something about soil quality. GLENN ROBINSON

65cm rings used after drilling, unless it is wet. “The simplicity of the system is what makes it successful,” he adds. And it is achieving results – yields averaged out at 10t/ha in 2017, for the first time since 2003, and look set to come in at 9t/ha in 2018. “I believe this is down to the consistent establishment which leads to an even crop. All those awkward corners cease to be a problem and the improvements are especially notable on heavier land. We have also reduced black-grass by 80 per cent compared with four years ago.” Mr Robinson says fuel bills have come down by £12,000 a year and machinery costs are lower. “Older tractors can be used in this system – the 6930 is 10 years old and we would normally have replaced it by now. We can focus on investing in the right drill and ensuring the combine is up to date. “We have probably got too much harvesting capacity, but it makes us more efficient and allows time to get cover crops in.”

11/12/2018 14:56

p019_Lamma2019.indd 3

06/12/2018 12:40

To find your local Alliance dealer please contact: Kirkby Tyres BackUp Maker Professional 7.502 Crack + Activation Code

watch the video

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