macrium reflect linux  - Activators Patch

Which is why I have been moving more to Linux Mint:grinning: Dee June 16, 2020, 5:09pm #42. Macrium have updated Macrium Reflect backup software to fully. If you have Macrium Reflect 7, the update to is free. can be non-contiguous if the disk has been formatted or updated using Linux. I was able to do this very easily with Macrium Reflect Server Edition For V2P of a Linux VM that would be definetely the easier road.

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How to create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image

Macrium viBoot (Virtual Image Boot) allows you to use the system image of the computer as a Hyper-V virtual machine. It allows you to add files and even install software for your images, update and even upgrade it. After creating the image, you can install Microsoft Office 2016 on the system image, if it is not already installed when you create the image. Using any other image creation software, you need to install Office 2016 on your PC, then re-create the image. But with Macrium viBoot, you just need to create a virtual machine for your image, Office 2016 installation on that virtual machine, then apply the changes to the image.

Next time, you can restore the installed Office 2016 image, even though it is not installed when the original image was created.


Perhaps the most practical use for viBoot virtual machines is to update and upgrade Windows in Macrium system images.

This article will show you how to create a Build 14316 image, create a virtual machine for it, install some additional software and eventually upgrade it to Build 14352. By the way, even though the image is made from Build 14316, it will become 14352 when the image is restored to the computer.

This tutorial will show you how to use Macrium viBoot. It was officially released on Friday, July 15, 2016. If you have any questions about Macrium viBoot, you can leave a comment in the comment section below.

Because Macrium viBoot requires Hyper-V activation, it cannot be used in Windows 10 Home edition. Hyper-V is only available in Pro, Education and Enterprise versions.

Part 1: Install Macrium viBoot

1.1) Macrium viBoot requires Hyper-V activation and at least one external virtual switch is created to connect to the network.

1.2) Download Macrium viBoot from: Run the installer

1.3) Launch Macrium viBoot. Note that when running for the first time, viBoot needs to install a virtual SCSI adapter. Select Always trust software from Paramount Softwareclick Install .

Picture 1 of How to create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image

1.4) Launch Macrium viBoot, click Options and change the Virtual Machine Repository location . By default, it is set to C: ProgramDataMacriumviBoot. Turn it into a drive that has enough space to store your virtual machines.

Picture 2 of How to create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image

IMPORTANT INFORMATION : Please read before continuing!

If the repository has chosen not enough space to mount the image as a virtual machine, the process will fail.

For example, you have created macrium reflect linux - Activators Patch system image with Macrium Reflect containing the system drive, with the MBR or EFI system partition and the Windows C system partition:. This drive is a 256 GB SSD or SSD hard drive.

Most of these drives are empty, Windows and your installation software plus personal files only account for 100 GB on 150 GB for free. Your Macrium system image is about 75 GB, but when you mount this image as a virtual machine, the system will view it as a machine with a 256 GB drive.

To mount this image with Macrium viBoot, you will need at least 256 GB of free space in the virtual machine storage, plus some free space for it to work properly. That is the size of the captured drive or important drives, the space used on that drive Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere 7.9 Crack + Keygen Number Free 2020 the size of the Macrium Reflect system norton antivirus 2019 full crack - Activators Patch completely unrelated.

Another example is that you have 1 TB HDD that you partitioned, including 100 GB for Windows ( C: drive), 250 GB for personal files (drive D:) and the rest over 650 GB for games (drive E:). You will create a Macrium Rreflect system image containing the MBR / EFI system partition plus C: and D: drive .

In this case, your viBoot repository will need more than 1 TB of free space to mount the image as a virtual machine, even if the total capacity of the system partition, C: and D drive : only 350 GB. When this Macrium image is mounted as a virtual machine, the system will see HDD / VHD as a 1TB drive.

Part 2: Create a new virtual machine

2.1) The user interface is divided into four main sections, including menus and control panels at the top, Virtual Machines window is currently setting up virtual machines, images are mounted to display the current Macrium Reflect image and frames Log

2.2) Select New Virtual Machine .

Picture 3 of How to create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image

2.3) Click Next .

Picture 4 of How to create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image

2.4) Click Addbrowse to and select any Macrium Reflect image.

Picture 5 of How to create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image

2.5) The selected Macrium image will be displayed in viBoot manager. Click Next .

macrium reflect linux - Activators Patch 6 of How to create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image">

2.6) Name the virtual machine you want (# 1), assign RAM (# 2), determine the number of virtual processors (# 3, you should accept the default value) and select the virtual switch outside from the list (# 4). Click Finish .

Picture 7 of How to create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image

2.7) viBoot will now create a virtual machine using the system image as a virtual hard drive. This will only take a while.

Picture 8 of How to create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image

2.8) When finished, the newly created virtual machine will start automatically. Its status can be monitored both by using Hyper-V Manager and Macrium viBoot Manager.

Picture 9 of How to create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image

2.9) As with any image that is restored or imported into another macrium reflect linux - Activators Patch, in this case simulating Hyper-V hardware, Windows takes some time to make the device and drivers ready. Below is a screenshot from a Swedish Windows 10 image on the virtual machine viBoot.

Picture 10 of How to create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image

2.10) In the future, as long as you want to keep this virtual machine, you can run it from viBoot Manager or Hyper-V Manager. When not in use, viBoot will be in the Notification area, taking up only a few megabytes of RAM.

Part 3: Install software and Windows updates on images

3.1) Example of this Macrium system image is created directly after installing Windows 10 Education Build 14316 and installing some basic software.

Before restoring this image to multiple computers, the author wanted to install additional software for it and upgrade it to 14352, the main reason why the author first used viBoot to create a virtual machine from his image. This way, the author will not have to install the same software every time the image is restored to the computer, nor does it need to be upgraded.

Now, install Office 2016 and PowerDirector 13 LE now for the virtual machine viBoot.

nch photopad registration code 2020 alt="Picture 11 of How to create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image">

Picture 12 of How to create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image

3.2) You can also add individual files and folders to images. Simply copy the files and folders you want to add from the server to the virtual machine.

3.3) Even if you don't need to add any other software or content to your images, the virtual machine also allows you to regularly update Windows with images. In this example, the system image was created from Windows 10 Education Build 14316, a few previous build builders.

Picture 13 of How to create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image

Because images in all other aspects are what you need, the image upgrade is easier and faster than the Build 14352 installation (the latest build up to the time of writing) on ​​the PC, customized and installed. Put all software and finally create new updated images.

Part 4: Apply changes to the system image

4.1) To apply changes to the image, turn off the virtual machine, right-click it and select Backup in case you want to keep it in viBoot available for later use, or press Delete if you want to apply it instead Change and then delete, unmount the image. Do not delete the virtual machine using Hyper-V Manager!

Picture 14 of How to create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image

Picture 15 of How to create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image

4.2) Select Create a Differential backup (in the paid version, you can also use Incremental backup) to apply the changes you have made to the image (small file, fast process). Select Create a Full backup if you want to create a new image (it takes longer with a larger file size). If you only check everything and nothing to save, select Discard changes. Click OK .

Picture 16 of How to create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image

4.3) The image file will be created, you will receive a message like this:

Picture 17 of How to create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image

4.4) Install some updates for Windows 10 images, only a minute and a half to create the differential image.

Picture 18 of How to create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image

You will receive some notifications on the screen during the process. Below is a screenshot from creating a full backup from one of the Windows 10 settings.

Picture 19 of How to create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image

Picture 20 of How to create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image

Picture 21 of How to create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image

Picture 22 of How to create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image


ViBoot virtual machine will work without problems, as long as you do not delete it. When turned off, virtual machines will naturally not use any of your host resources.

You can create a viBoot / Hyper-V virtual machine as soon as you create a Macrium system image, then update it constantly, install the software, add personal files and folders, and finally, when you need it Restore to the computer, apply the changes and restore it.

This way, you can always have updated images with all Windows updates and updates.

4.5) Macrium records newly updated images in the same folder where the original images are stored. If you make a full backup from the virtual machine viBoot, you can either keep the original or delete the original and only keep the updated image. It depends on you.

Picture 23 of How <a href=easeus mobisaver ios create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image">

4.6) Everything is done! You can use updated images to restore Windows to any device. All additional software in this case is Office 2016 and PowerDirector, Windows has been upgraded from Build 14316 in the original system image to Build 14352.

Picture 24 of How to create Hyper-V virtual machine with Macrium Reflect System Image

See more:

  1. How to create and restore System Image Backup with Macrium Reflect
  2. Create virtual machines with Hyper-V on Windows 8 and Mixcraft 8.1 registration code and id - Activators Patch 10
  3. Instructions for using Hyper-V to run Linux Distro on Windows 10

Macrium Reflect 8.0.6036 Crack With Key Full Free 2021

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The complete backup solution for personal use. Protect documents, data, and operating systems with advanced disk imaging technology. Includes Macrium viBoot for Hyper-V Instant Virtualization and Macrium Reflect Serial Key Image Guardian. We added 12 months of essential support to the license. This means that you can rest assured of Macrium Reflect Home Edition. In case of problems, our technical team is available to answer your questions. You can sit back, relax, and be assured that Macrium Reflect protects your data and systems quickly and reliably. Above all, Macrium Site Manager allows you to back up, restore, and monitor multiple networked computers running Macrium Reflect using a web browser interface. In addition, Macrium Virtual Server bundles provide a cost-effective way to protect multiple networked virtual machines in your enterprise.

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Since the data used macrium reflect linux - Activators Patch our daily activity is saved on the hard drive, it is possible to lose important files and documents due to hardware problems. A solution is to periodically create backups to recover the essential files.Macrium Reflect Free Edition Crack allows you to back up the data from your hard drive to an image file that can be used to restore everything, down to the last bit. This method allows you to recover not only the documents but also the programs required for your activity.Macrium Reflect 64-bit Free Edition is an award-winning disk cloning and imaging solution for free. Protect your personal documents, photos, music, and e-mails. Upgrade your hard disk or try new operating systems in the safe knowledge that everything is securely saved in an easily recovered backup file. Macrium Reflect supports backup to local, network, and USB drives as well as burning to all DVD formats. This version is for non-commercial home use.

Macrium ReflectCrack is fundamentally competent software that provides you a comprehensive know-how about backing up your sensitive and critical personal data. Such type of backup tool would be proved helpful for private as well as commercial purposes. This software assists you in creating a backup of your whole system in the form of incremental images that can be saved at an online cloud or any other storage device like discs, flash, etc. Maybe sometime later, when needed, you can archive all of your data from these images to the original place or any other storage medium. So, create a backup of the file as well as the whole folder.

Macrium Reflect Free Edition 7.1.3159 Full Keygen Free Download

As a caution, you can create a backup of your files on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to prevent yourself from the danger of data loss. Macrium Reflect Review also shields your operating systems from threats of ransomware, malware, and much more. Restore your essential data by archiving the compressed backup file to the primary storage or any other PC in case of data immigration. Use for the full version. The backup solution for personal use. Includes Macrium Reflect Activated Key viBoot for instant Hyper-V virtualization and ransomware protection with Macrium Image Guardian. As a reliable program for working with disk images, there is a possibility of redundancy. This evolution is very different from the alternatives. It can create disk images using the Windows operating system. You do not have to restart the a powerfully integrated development environment application - Activators Patch. You can download Macrium Reflect below.

There are various planes for the premium version. The home edition price for one year. But here our team provides crack for macrium reflect. That can activate full version features without paying a penny. Also, you don’t need to worry about malware or any other virus. Our Crack is safe and fully working. You can choose the desired edition for your use and comfort. The new version is available now. a powerful backup program for Windows users. This is a complete backup solution for home users, as well as, commercial users. This application is also useful for disk cloning and imaging. It helps you to protect your hard drive data including documents, videos, images, and more. The program allows you to create an exact image of partitions macrium reflect linux - Activators Patch your hard disk to prevent data loss in case of system failure

Macrium Reflect 8 Crack Incl Keygen Ultimate Download

Furthermore, It is the best recovery program that makes a backup of your information in just a couple of minutes and also minimizes the final size macrium reflect linux - Activators Patch excluding unwanted system files like hiberfil. sys, pagefile. sys, etc. It is worst talked that you can efficiently operate and manage your whole data without any technical knowledge. The latest version consists of New Rescue Media Builder with support for WiFi. Last but not least, Macrium Reflect Crack gives the option to encrypt your backups to save them from an unauthorized person. commercial environment. The server is a reliable disaster recovery solution for everything from individual files to entire Windows operating systems. Site licenses for use with Macrium Site Manager are available in blocks of 5 Macrium Agent licenses. Moreover, Macrium Reflect Registered is designed for backing up endpoints of mission-critical servers running Microsoft Exchange e-mail or SQL databases in a commercial environment.

Key Features

Rapid Delta Restore (RDR)

  • Using advanced delta detection technology RDR can rapidly recover data from single, or multiple full backups. Cuts restore times by 90% or more.

Pre-defined macrium reflect linux - Activators Patch plan templates

  • The Macrium Reflect 64-bit scheduling engine is pre-loaded with templates for traditional, Incremental forever, or you can create your own custom plan.

Incremental forever

  • An efficient method to continuously maintain a defined number of the most recent incremental backups. The oldest incremental files are consolidated into a single synthetic delta.

SSD Trim support

  • This features provides automated SSD optimization providing enhanced SSD performance and longevity.

Rapid Delta Clone (RDC)

  • Improving further on the cloning capabilities using technology based on RDR to speed up disk cloning activities by 90% or more.

GFS with backup chain protection 

  • The traditional GFS backup template has been pre-configured with monthly, weekly, daily activities, and retention rules. Simplifies management of backup chains.

Custom backup plan support

  • Allows administrators the flexibility of creating custom backup plans that provide the level of protection they require.

Top Useful Features:

  • A single tab stylish interface helps you to choose your desired area to be backed up.
  • Make a backup of your files to any local or optical storage device or virtual drives and get access to these reserves quickly.
  • Also, you can use this software for cloning purposes and disk imaging.
  • Create a valid backup of your desired files and folders, and also the thorough computer system.
  • You can include or exclude the hidden and system files while making the backup.
  • Create a backup on a scheduled basis of daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Various built-in filters are present to form a backup file of relevant files and folders.
  • The program almost takes a little time to form back up.
  • Macrium Reflect License Key can create differential images and clone your drive directly.
  • Plus, this app provides you with an option to recover only the selected files that you want.
  • Reduce the final size by compressing the backup file, which is easy to handle.
  • It can identify faults and errors that may corrupt your backup file and deals with them appropriately.
  • Also, it supports MS Exchange Tasks, Backup Tasks, SQL Tasks, and deals with MS-DOS batch and VBScript files correctly.
  • Protects you against ransomware and any other type of malicious attacks and keeps you safe.
  • Last but not least, guards your backup file with a password to protect your backup file from the secret access of untrusted persons.


  • Similarly, Macrium Reflect has also been significantly improved by following changes to RAM rather than dumping them to disk. Moreover, This also provides a built-in security method to reset the CBT index in the event of a power failure or other problem. Above all, We are convinced that this implementation is leading and robust.
  • Moreover, The recent past has shown that the current method that Macrium Reflect needs to run to be notified of updates has proven ineffective. In addition, We have now added a systray icon in the Windows notification area to indicate that Macrium Reflect has an update.
  • In addition, Macrium Reflect is now only a Windows kernel. Moreover, Macrium Image Guardian has been enhanced to eliminate dependency on a Windows service, and we have recover my files license key - Crack Key For U contextual notifications when a crash event occurs. Above all, The pop-up window displays blocking activity.
  • Above all, Set up incomplete backup sets
  • Moreover, Restriction of fuse monitoring

What’s New?

  • Macrium Reflect Product Key has added a Rescue Media Builder (RMBuilder) application that supports the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) and ReaConverter Pro 7.526 Crack with Keygen & Torrent Free Download PE environments supported by Reflect 7.1 and earlier. WinRE supports WiFi and is available on most Windows installations without additional download.
  • When you start WinPE, some devices connected via Wi-Fi do not work because WinPE does not support drivers for these devices. The complete backup solution for commercial use. Protect documents, data, and operating systems with advanced disk imaging technology. Includes Macrium viBoot for instant Hyper-V virtualization and Macrium Image Guardian for ransomware protection.
  • WinRE supports Wi-Fi networks so you can access your backups even if you only have a Wi-Fi connection to your storage. Companies can ease the installation of Macrium Reflect to secure their physical and virtual servers. With a long list of great features, this fast and highly reliable solution sets the standard for image-based server backup solutions.
  • Macrium Reflect accelerates incremental and differential images by monitoring changes to a volume in NTFS format in real-time. With our original Changed Block Tracker driver enabled, the first incremental/differential image created since the Windows restart was run using the traditional method, and CBT was unable to track changes during a reboot.
  • Moreover, Macrium Reflect can now monitor changes to an NTFS volume even after a reboot.
  • In addition, Macrium Reflect Server comes with a range of updated features that provide the fastest time for the first backup and reassure complete restores at the image, file, and folder level.
  • Above all, Macrium Reflect improved this by reliably determining if NTFS volumes were deployed without the CBT driver in the kernel stack. This applies to all operating systems that can deploy NTFS volumes, including Linux.

Operating System:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit only), 8.1 (32-bit & 64-bit), or 7 SP1 (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • 1 GHz or faster processor
  • RAM, 32-bit: 2 GB, 64-bit: 4 GB
  • Disk space: 4.0 GB
  • 1360 x 768 display resolution with True Color

How To Install?

  1. Download Macrium Reflect Free Editionfrom below.
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Macrium Reflect Free Edition 7.1.3159 Full Keygen Free Download

Macrium Reflect 8.0.6036 Crack With Key Full Free 2021


Macrium Reflect Crack is a program that specializes in creating hard disk images. With its help, you can not only create but also restore various partitions. The software in a few minutes can improve or create a backup of any partition. The main reason for using Macrium Reflect frequently is to save time. This program will help save everything you need to disk when Windows is reinstalled.

Macrium Reflect crack

Macrium Reflect 8.0.6036 Crack + License Keygen Full Version {2022}

Macrium Reflect License Key can be downloaded for free and in with a license key, but even if the downloaded file turned out to be English, this will not affect the work, as all actions are described in an accessible way. To start using it, you need to restart the entire existing system from scratch. The installation itself is no different from installing other programs. It can be downloaded for free and with a license key, but even if the downloaded file turned out to be English, this will not affect the work, as all actions are described in an accessible way. You May Also Like PdfFactory Pro Crack.

Macrium Reflect Activation Key has many windows that specialize in many different functions. Most jobs can be launched with a single button. It will take 5 to 10 minutes to create the image as a whole when the program is fully installed. When the backup occurs, the program will display all the necessary summary information. Likewise, the program welcomes clients to acquaint themselves with electronic reference materials for working with the program.

Macrium Reflect License Key

The program has many different additional tools for convenient work. For example, you can create a boot disk, by the way, when you create Macrium reflect partition manager. The establishment of the program can be a bit of befuddling, since albeit this is a free form of the program, you will be approached to affirm the Macrium Reflect permit key entered in the installer, enter your name, last name, and email.

Macrium Reflect Cracked With Patch Free Download {2022}

Macrium reflects Full Downloads + Crack version is intended for home non-commercial use. Some people considered that the Backup and the recovery of data at the same time is not possible. Now I inform those peoples who consider this it is possible by using Macrium Reflect. Using the program you can create backup copies and burn them to local, network, USB disks, the program supports writing to DVD of all formats.

Macrium Reflect Free has a natural UI, comprises a bunch of valuable utilities for supporting up and reestablishing information. The free utility got good grades for performing reinforcement assignments. It can ensure your own reports, photographs, music, messages from being lost, you simply need to make a reinforcement. Presently you can attempt to introduce another working framework on your hard drive. You can be certain that your information is securely saved and can be effortlessly reestablished from a reinforcement record.

With the assistance of the program, you can make reinforcements and copy them to neighborhood, organization, FastStone Image Viewer Free Download drives, the program underpins keeping in touch with DVD, all things considered. You macrium reflect linux - Activators Patch also like EZ-CD Audio Converter Crack. This adaptation is planned for home non-business use. On the off chance that you have any inquiries while working with Macrium Reflect Free, you can generally depend on nitty-gritty assistance.

Macrium Reflect License Key Free With Keygen {2022}

Macrium Reflect License Key Free has an intuitive user interface, consists of a set of useful utilities for backup and data recovery. The free utility received high marks for performing backup tasks. Macrium reflects full version is able to protect your personal documents, photos, music, e-mail messages from loss, you just need to create a backup. Now you can try installing a new operating system on your hard drive, you can be sure that your data is safely saved, and can be easily restored from a backup file. More Visit MacBooster Crack Full Version.

Macrium Reflect has a straightforward UI, however elegant and proficient looking. At the highest point of the interface, there is a menu, working with which, you will gain admittance to all the elements of the program, you will actually want to get to the capacity of making pictures of circles, parts, set up a reinforcement duplicate on a timetable, and so forth. Movie Collector 21.2.1 Crack With Serial Key Free Download application of this software is so easy by using this software you can image the hard disk and then restore all the data of the Hard Disk.

Macrium Reflect Serial Number Download is an excellent freeware program. The main purpose of this is to create exact images of partitions of your hard drive for the simplest upgrade of your hard drive or subsequently, if necessary, full/partial recovery of the operating system. You can choose which system your rescue disk will be based on (it can be either Linux or a more stable version of BartPE), compare the changes in the image, and the contents of the real system, make a simple check of the file system, check the image for errors.

Macrium Reflect Key Features:-

  • Create a disk image
  • Access the image from Windows Explorer
  • XML fallback definition
  •  Making Linux rescue CD
  • Making BartPE Rescue CD
  • Network support
  • Support CD / DVD burning
  • Creating a disk image during Windows using the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS).
  • Support for images on the network, USB, FireWire, and DVD drives.
  • Built-in scheduler.
  • High level of compression and speed, among similar products.
  • Support for batch recording on DVD DL environments with Windows Vista.
  • HTML log files.

Macrium Reflect 7 Serial Keygen

  • Easy to use;
  • Functional;
  • It has a clear interface.

What’s New In Macrium reflect partition manager Crack?

  • Sometimes the power saving mode is not Working Correctly for these apps Shelduer is added for solving this issue.
  • Now you can set the Schedule start date till or after 2999.
  • Now you can backup the same name of files.
  • Block tracker is changed.
  • Exchange backup wan not checked the missing DB files that issue is solved in the New Version.
  • Various minor Bugs are Fixed and Improve the working.

System Requirements:

  • Minimum 512 MB RAM (1GB RAM Recommended).
  • OS Window XP Server Pack 3.
  • Window Server 2003 Server Pack 2 or Newer.
  • Keyboard and Mouse.

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How to hang on to Windows 7 for the long run

If Windows 7 represents peak Windows for you, you’re not alone. Twice as many people use Win7 as use Win10, even after 18 months of Microsoft pressure to get you to give up Win7 and jump to the shiny new version as your operating system of choice.

Your reasons for staying with Win7 may range from mere convenience to mental inertia to an abject fear of the Win10 info borg. Whatever your reasons for remaining with Win7, there are steps you can take right now to ensure Win7 keeps working -- at least until Microsoft pulls the plug on security patches, on Jan. 14, 2020. (Yep, that’s a Patch Tuesday.)

The key, as you might expect, is to stow away a solid “ground zero” full backup. From that point, you should patch judiciously, use incremental backups scrupulously, and tend to the maintenance jobs that you’ve no doubt neglected. If you go about it in an organized manner, your machine should last forever . or at least until you throw it in the trash and buy a new one.

Step 1. Pick a patching method

Before you back up your machine, make sure it’s in top shape.

If you’re concerned about Microsoft’s “telemetry,” the fact is that you agreed to a certain level of snooping when you consented to the license agreement for Windows 7:

Microsoft may use the computer information, accelerator information, search suggestions information, error reports, and Malware reports to improve our software and services. We may also share it with others, such as hardware and software vendors. They may use the information to improve how their products run with Microsoft software.

The method for bringing your Win7 up to speed and keeping it going for the duration depends on how much information you’re willing to share with Microsoft about your system, software, and activities. Starting in October 2016, Microsoft changed the way it distributes patches to accommodate individuals and movie collection website - Free Activators that only want security updates, and not other patches that may affect how much information is collected and sent to Microsoft. That gave rise to two patching strategies and a “no patch for me, please” option.

I detail the three main patching choices in “How to prepare for the Windows 7/8.1 ‘patchocalypse.’” Long story short, Win7 patches align with three major groups:

  • Group A: Those who are willing to take all of Microsoft’s new telemetry systems, along with potentially useful nonsecurity updates.
  • Group B: Those who don’t want any more snooping than necessary and don’t macrium reflect linux - Activators Patch about improvements like daylight saving time zone changes, but do want to keep applying security patches.
  • Group W: Those stalwarts who will take their chances and don’t want to install any new patches, whether they fix security holes or not.

Group A (apply all of the offered patches) or Group W (don’t ever patch) are the easiest to join, but Group W is vulnerable to all sorts of problems. I don’t recommend Group W. Group A can use Windows Update to get everything they need. It’s harder to join Group B, because it requires manual download and installation of patches.

It’s helpful to figure out whether you want to be in Group A or Group B (or Group W) before getting going.

Step 2. Optionally reinstall Win7 from scratch

Right off the bat, you need to make sure your Win7 system is fit to fly. There's no sense preserving a baseline system in stone (or at least in backup) until the baseline is working right.

For many of you, Windows 7 works fine the way it is. If that describes your situation, skip to Step 3.

For the rest of you, a fresh install of Windows 7 is vital to preserving a fully functional Win7. The best approach I know was published on, based on a procedure developed by Canadian Tech. There are two significant sticking points:

  • Obtaining “genuine” Windows 7 Service Pack 1 installation files can be difficult.
  • Once you have Win7 SP1, which updates should you install?

Obtaining the real ISOs is a significant concern because there are many pirate copies of Win7 floating around the internet. Until May 2014, you could download the retail bits from an Microsoft distributor known as Digital River. In an InfoWorld column, I talked about the way that source disappeared.

Microsoft has this official download site, but it works only if you feed it a valid product key -- and there’s the rub. Microsoft defines the product key thusly:

From an authorized retailer. The product key should be on a label or card inside the box that Windows came in.

A new PC running Windows. The product key will be preinstalled on your PC, included with the packaging the PC came in, or included on the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) attached to the PC.

But I’ve heard from many people that macrium reflect linux - Activators Patch keys they’ve retrieved (typically from ProduKey or Belarc Advisor) don’t work, even keys from a 100% genuine Win7 installation. I’ve also heard that retail keys -- the ones inside a box that you bought with Win7 inside -- work in all cases.

I asked Microsoft how people with demonstrably genuine copies of Win7 can get fresh new Windows 7 SP1 installation files. The response:

For customers who do not have a product key, they will need to contact Microsoft Customer Support Service, where we have alternative options for acquiring the Windows 7 product when they have lost their media.

If you have trouble locating a clean copy of Win7 SP1, check out “The safest way to get a new copy of the Windows 7 bits.”

A clean install isn’t for the faint of heart. No matter how hard you try, you will lose data, somehow, somewhere -- it always happens, even to us masochists who have been running clean Windows installs for decades.

Start with a full set of program installation CDs, DVDs, or a list of locations where you can download what you’ll need. Make sure you have all the keys. Stick all your passwords in a repository like LastPass or RoboForm. You should send your data, and settings wherever possible, off to DVDs or an external or network drive using a product like Windows Easy Transfer (see Lance Whitney’s how-to on the TechNet site).

Then, armed with a good copy of Win7 SP1, you’re ready to follow Canadian Tech’s steps to install a clean copy of Win7.

Note: I don’t recommend installing the so-called Convenience Update, KB 3125574, which was created to roll up many outstanding patches. Although the Service Pack 2-like update may save you some time, in my experience if you follow Canadian Tech’s advice, the speedup is minimal. The all-star team of Abbodii, PointZero, and Komm has documented the shortcomings of the Convenience Update, adobe character animator cc 2017 download - Free Activators they shouldn’t be overlooked.

Step 3. Bring Windows up to speed

If you didn’t install a fresh copy of Windows 7 from scratch, you may have trouble with Windows Update taking forever. Start by following the two simple steps to eliminate unconscionably slow Windows 7 Update scans. Then selectively apply patches you need to get caught up.

Starting in October (the “patchocalypse”), Windows 7 patches began arriving in two clumps: Security-only patches (for Group B), which you have to download and install manually; and Monthly Rollups (for Group A), which include nonsecurity patches and are available through Windows Update.

Choose Group A or Group B, and bring your machine’s Windows up to date. Yes, if you’re in Group W, you can skip this step.

When all seems correct, make one more run of Windows Update to make sure you have the latest patches for Office. Net, and anything else that may need updating -- including non-Microsoft products.

Step 4. Take control

“Control” means different things to different people, but at a minimum I suggest you make these changes to Win7 before backing it up:

Take control of your Windows update strategy.IDG

Turn off Automatic Updates. Click Start > Control Panel > System and Security. Under Windows Update, click the "Turn automatic updating on or off" link. In the Important Updates box, choose “Never check for updates (not recommended).” Uncheck the box marked "Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates" and click OK.

Turn off automatic Windows updatesIDG

Turn off the Customer Experience Improvement Program. Click Start. In the Search programs and files box typethen click on Change Customer Macrium reflect linux - Activators Patch Improvement Program settings. Click “No, I don’t want to participate in the program,” then Save Changes.

Disable Win7 tasks you don't wantIDG

Disable Tasks you don’t want. Go into the Task Scheduler by clicking Start and, in the Search program and files box type. Click on Task Scheduler. You can find many recommendations on the web about which tasks to prune, but the best advice I’ve found comes from AskWoody’s ch100, who recommends disabling the Application Experience agent (AitAgent), Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser, and ProgramDataUpdaters, all three of which appear in the \Microsoft\Windows\Application Experience folder (screenshot). There are also scheduled tasks related to the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) that may or may not be disabled when you opt out of CEIP. If you’re very cautious, see this post from JY on AskWoody.

Update your browser. If you insist on using Internet Explorer, make sure you have IE11 installed. If you aren’t locked into IE, try Google Chrome or Firefox.

Jettison the junk. You’re going to create a top-quality copy of your hard drive. Why burden it with junkware? With its newly found 64-bit capabilities, I like the free version of Revo Uninstaller.

Note: Those with detailed knowledge may want to dive deeper into hardening their systems. We have ongoing discussions -- and knock-down debates -- about the details on MVP Noel Carboni specializes in keeping Win7 systems locked down.

Step 5. Clean up your drive

One last step before you freeze your system like Han Solo. Run a disk cleanup.

Win7 disk cleanupIDG

While there are many utilities that will help you zero in on duplicated files and ferret out grunge sitting in odd corners, Windows’ built-in Disk Cleanup will take a big swipe at the detritus. It has the added advantages of being both free and easy to use.

To do so, click Start > Computer. Right-click your main drive and choose Properties (screenshot). Click Disk Cleanup. In the resulting Disk Cleanup dialog box, click “Clean up system files.” Follow the instructions and sweep out the old.

When you’re done, if you have a spinning hard drive (as opposed to a solid-state drive), run a defrag: Click Start and in the box marked Search program and files box type. Chose Disk defragmenter and click on the button to Defragment disk.

Step 6. Back up -- now and forever

You’re finally at the point where a full disk image backup makes sense. Yes, you should back up your data, too, as part of the system image. I recommend making a single backup at this point -- when your system’s working great -- and squirrel it away. Augment that with your usual backup regimen, if you have one.

Find your Win7 product key with ProduKeyIDG

Before you start the backup, make sure you have your system usernames and passwords written down, for every user on the system. You’ll also sleep better if you write down your Windows activation ID. If you can’t find an activation ID on a sticker attached to your PC, run NirSoft’s ProduKey (screenshot) to pull it out of your machine. That key probably won’t get you a clean copy of the Windows 7 files, but it should be a good starting point for arguing with Win7 activation phone support, if you can’t get a restored image of Win7 activated. Yes, it happens.

To get serious about creating and maintaining backups, install and run a dedicated backup/restore package. Two of the best: Macrium Reflect (free for personal use; $70 or less per PC for businesses) and Acronis True Image (free 30-day trial, then $50). Follow the installation instructions, create a full disk image on an external drive or networked drive (or on DVDs, if you must), then disconnect the drive and store it someplace safe. Make sure you store a system repair disk along with the main backup.

After you’ve gone through the first round, set up Macrium Reflect or Acronis to generate a second full disk image, followed by incremental backups.

Win7 backup and restoreIDG

If you really want to use the Win7 backup routines -- they are free and work reasonably well -- buy an external hard drive and plug it in. Click Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Backup and Dvdfab player 6 activator - Activators Patch. You see the “Back up or restore your files” dialog (screenshot).

On the left, click “Create system image.” You may create the system image on a hard drive, DVDs, or a network location. To go out to the network and look for a suitable location, assuming you have one, click Select.

Create a Win7 system imageIDG

From the Create a system image dialog (screenshot), you can put your system backup on any accessible drive attached to your network.

Once you’ve create a full system image you can tuck away, tell Windows Backup that you want to keep incremental backups. Back on the “Back up or restore your files” dialog, click “Set up backup,” follow the directions to choose a backup drive, select which data should be backed up, and when the backups should run (daily or monthly incremental backups). Depending on the size and speed of your drives, the first backup can take hours.

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