Melody generator Archives

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Melody generator Archives

UM66 Melody Generator – First Step for Electronics Hobbyists. UM66 UM66 is a melody generating IC commonly used in calling bell, phone, toys, musical bell in doors, home security alarm systems, burglar alarms etc. It is a three pin IC looks like a transistor. Its first pin is ground, second is VCC and the third is the melody output.

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The UM348x family of sound generating devices is currently unemulated mainly due to a lack of understanding of the chip internal rom structure and data.The sound of these devices should be familiar to many of you as they have been broadly used in many 80s and 90s low end gadgets, doorbells, etc.Bootleg arcade games have used these chips as a way to integrate music at a minimum cost.Each chip contains a fixed number of melodies hardcoded in the silicon during manufacturing.

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