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Nova launcher prime apk 2019 free download - Free Activators -

Nova Launcher 7.0.11 (MOD Prime Unlocked)

Nova Launcher Prime turns your smartphone launcher into a masterpiece. Are you ready to download it for free and enjoy it now?

Introduce to Nova Launcher 

Are you not happy with the custom phone screen? Do you want to make it different? Nova Launcher is here to help. The app is a powerful solution for home screen alternatives to make your mobile device carry your style.

On Nova Launcher, details are essential. It will be meant for users who like perfection and are willing to design. It won’t take you a long time to learn. And to keep up with the world’s trendy themes, act now!

The Story

Exposure to worldwide art has increased humanity’s demand for making them. The first to see is what they did to mobile phones- one of the top personal belongings. Launchers have become more and more popular as people want to change the traditional look. People are no longer happy with ordinary weather icons, rather than that, they want to change widgets into unique ones.

Nova Launcher Prime story

Nova Launcher helps out. With its collections and enhanced tools, it promotes changing widgets, trying new manipulation. Besides, it leaves users space to have their touch. No matter how fashionable the theme is, it cannot beat the personal ideas.

Features on Nova Launcher

It’s time to explore Nova Launcher by going through what features it has. Some are new, but some already appeared somewhere else.

Updating featured themes

Nova Launcher keeps the most popular themes and widgets design of Android in its hands. The better thing is they are applicable to other operating systems. So, feel free to pick.

The collection never stops updating, so it could be a lot to choose from. There are many styles to pick, such as overhauling the vibe or cleaning appearance. It’s allowed to resize and recolor new symbols. Pick your theme and show your style!


The icons gallery appears even more significant. You know that Google Play Store contains uncountable app icons and goes on counting. Nova Launcher can access all of these designs and let you in a spacious room. That would be thousands of icons to consider, but it’s to increase the chance of being unique.

Icons on your phone can be relocated and presented in a new way with Nova Launcher. Merge them or make a priority on the presentation will be up to you, you know. 

Night mode

You couldn’t get enough of it and maybe stay up at night to explore this vibrant world. Don’t worry much about tiring eyes later in the morning while Nova Launcher cares about enough to offer might mode. Light brightness will ease the contrast with outer space, letting your vision get used to darkness gradually.

Dark theme

The dark theme is famous on Facebook for a while. This feature enhances battery life as well as balances brightness contrast. Now, you can find it in Nova Launcher. It can darken the screen of the entire phone system when you set in advance or forever. It’s free to try this function!

Nova Launcher Prime Features


Come to the app drawer and find out more customized gestures. This little drawer offers items from simplicity to sophistication. Do whatever you need to make yourself comfortable with using phones. Here is some specific enhancement. 

You are merging apps. With a little bit of retouch, you can combine more than two apps into an icon, make your screen more organized. Then decide the gestures you need to open each app, such as touch, swipe up, or down. We use a lot of apps regularly that we place all of them on the main screen. Now, it’s time to tidy up a little.

You can swipe to quick access. To significantly screened devices, manipulating by a single hand seems complicated. Reaching the wrong apps on the way sounds common. A worse situation is dropping the phone while we’re trying too hard. Say goodbye to that occurrence when today, you can swipe in the middle of the screen and get what you want.  For example, swipe down on any spot on the screen to open Google.


The app grants you the liberty to organize layouts of apps. Grid cells come to help so that users could calculate the precise position and where to put the app. 


Changes or designs you set up for this phone can be transferred to the other as long as your account. This feature is still free of charge. Create and use for life.


Transition on Nova Launcher ensures smooth and quick effects. The app will resize upon the devices so that it won’t affect the operating system. 

Founders have had the newest version fixed bugs. It always improves on the smooth operation, leaving no irritation for users.

About Nova Launcher Prime (MOD)

It’s best to have Nova Launcher Prime accounts as your experience enhances the new levels.

Easier manipulation 

Obtain more customization in manipulating apps and activities on your phone using Prime. The expansive options will make your life much more convenient.

Better organized

In Prime, you can add more amenities into an icon. For example, set notification counting on social media to keep track of work. With added functions, you would never miss your emails again, as well as calls or texts. 

Additional features on the drawer include immersive ways to display your apps. Then, to make your operation on the device improve. 

More to choose

There is always more to choose from the Prime account. If there are any new effects, a new organization, and trendy widgets, you will be the first to access. 

Latest mod of Nova Launcher on

Mod features

Prime Unlocked: With the mod that we provide, you can enjoy all the Prime features above for free. That’s right, you just need to install it and don’t need to pay any fees.

How to Install

Please follow the instructions below to install this MOD.

  • Download the APK file we provide below.
  • Open APK file then install it.
  • Now open Nova Launcher and enjoy all Prime features.


  • The mod works perfect on my Device Google Pixel 2XL
  • Mod Lite coming soon…


Nova Launcher, or better in the prime package, could change your time with mobile phones. It’s not a random occurrence when it becomes the most popular launcher app for Android at the moment.  Techniques and offers from Nova Launcher will affect the way you manipulate apps. To make you feel the most comfortable with your device, this app lets you choose how to organize the look, the presentation, layouts, and more on the phone.

Enjoy to the fullest with the Prime Nova Launcher account. Enjoy your customization on your phone at once and feel it for yourself.


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Nova Launcher Prime Apk Full Hacked Apk Download – Bebbler

Nova Launcher Prime Apk is a useful and secure launcher for Android devices. This App is Paid on play store and free from bebbler. the special feature of that apk is that in this app we can hide our apps, pic, and videos.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk Overview

The Nova Launcher Prime Apk prime is the android device launcher. This launcher is containing many useful features. This software is developed by Nova.  This launcher is released on January 4, 2017. The developer of this software is Kevin Barry. This software is providing the short link of the app that opens the app in short time.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk Full Hacked Apk Download - Bebbler

Nova Launcher Prime Apk Features :

This amazing Nova Launcher Prime Apk is provided many useful tools or features. The following are the list of important features.

  1. This launcher is provided with many themes icons
  2. You can increase or decrees the number of the icon in the main page
  3. We can also change the page number in the setting of this software.
  4. You can change the themes of colors in the setting.
  5. This launcher is provides differed color.
  6. In this software, you can control the color option.
  7. There are many widgets in this launcher.
  8. You can increase or decrease the number of the widget in the launcher.
  9. This feature is contained backup or restore option.
  10. This launcher is work very fast and easy to use
  11. There are many animations in this software.
  12. You can make a hidden folder for your personal device.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk Bebbler

The nova launcher prime apk bebbler is available from this website. The latest version of this apk is available to download from this website. This pro software installs this from bebbler is free. The bebbler provides the Nova launcher apk version free. This version is working personal computer or window phone. Nova Star is a great game.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk Full Hacked Apk Download - Bebbler

Nova Launcher Download

The Nova launcher download is the free Android launcher. This personal computer is requiring 1GB ram memory. This pro software is working properly in this free version. The Nova launcher downloads for android device free.

[Download Link]

Nova Launcher Settings

The Nova launcher setting is set by following steps. First of all, you can download this software and install this application in your device. You can change nova launcher setting in your device. There are many languages in your devices you can select any language in your device. The Nova launcher is providing online help for the settings.

Nova Launcher Review

The Nova launcher review is also 90% people like this software. The Nova launcher is also now millions of people are using this application. There are many amazing features makes this software very famous.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk Free Download

You can download this software also in apk Version for free. This software is also playing on window 7 window 8 and window 10. This software is also updating your version continuously. The latest version is also adding new features and removes bugs.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk 2017

This nova launcher prime apk 2017 is also released in 2017. This version of this software is also very famous in 2017. This version is also working.

Nova Launcher App

This software is now available to download for android device. This launcher \ application also requires 5.0 Android or above for playing this software. The Android version is also providing different wallpaper for the theme. You can also change the themes in the setting. There is much wallpaper in this software.

Nova Software

The Nova software also provides the best launcher for your device. This launcher you can hide any file or folder. In this launcher, you can also make the hidden folder to save your personal data. This software is also many useful tools.

Nova Launcher Apk

The Nova launcher apk versions are also can be playing on the personal computer only. You can also download the apk version of this software is free. This software also requires 1.5 GHz processor or above to playing this apk file or software in your personal computer.

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Download Nova Launcher Prime Apk For Android [Mod/Patched]

If you want to customize your Android device’s default UI, then Download Nova Launcher Prime Apk to change your Android entire user interface including the home screen, app drawer, icon, and widgets on the home screen.

The android operating system comes with the default UI which is created by Google where you can also have a chance to change the user interface and UI according to your preferences. There are so many Launchers available on the Google Play Store which helps you to change the UI of your Android device. But among many Android Launchers Nova Launcher is the best. So here in this article, I am going to show you How to Download the Nova Launcher Prime APK on Android.

  • Note: Actually, Nova Launcher comes with 2 types, one is Nova Launcher Free version and another is the Nova Launcher premium version where you have to pay $4.99. But here in this article, I am going to give you that the premium version is for free.

Actually, you all know that the Android operating system only allows you to change and customize the UI but when it comes to iOS and other operating systems you can’t be allowed to change the default UI where it comes with the boring themes. With the help of the Nova Launcher application, you can Customize everything on your Android devices such as themes, icons, effects, font size, and background images. If you are getting bored with the default UI Stock, then get ready to change the default user interface to the best user interface whatever the way you want.


Content Include on This Article

What is Nova Launcher Prime?

Nova Launcher Prime Apk is the app that can allow you to customize the default Launcher which you are using on your Android devices. Nova Launcher is developed and created by the TeslaCoil Software. As I said earlier it comes in formats, one if free version where you can’t get that features as compared to the premium version. But to get the premium version you have to pay some amount that is approx $4.99 to the original app developer. Don’t forget one thing that is Nova Launcher app is available on the Google PlayStore. If you are not interested to buy the premium version without giving a trial, then Download this Nova Launcher Premium Apk to the trail. After that, you can decide whether to buy this Launcher or not.

  • Disclaimer: The only reason we publish this guide (How to install Nova Launcher Prime Apk) is to help users try out costly apps before they decide to purchase them. This article is only for educational purposes, never try to misuse this article for commercial purposes.

In my opinion, Nova Launcher is the top most popular Launcher for Android devices which has millions of user bases. Moreover, Nova Launcher is always updating its software with new features and plugins to match the latest Android devices. The only reason behind most people’s interest is Nova Launcher app is compatible with the most high-end to mid-range devices and low-profile devices. Ok, let’s read more to know How to Download and Install Nova Launcher Prime Apk which is the prime version of the Launcher for free.

About Nova Launcher Prime:

Name:Nova Launcher Prime
Developer:TeslaCoil Software
Size:12 MB
Mod Features:Prime Unlocked, Paid
Updated:July 23, 2019
Google PlayStore Link:Download


  1. Android devices are Android 4.0 or higher.
  2. At least 1GB RAM space on your Android devices.
  3. Need some space like 20MB to download this app.
  4. The activation key is not required on this Nova Launcher Prime Apk.
  5. Uninstall previously installed Nova Launcher and TeslaUnread to Install the latest versions.
  6. Enable the Unknown Sources option on your Android devices.

Download Nova Launcher Prime Apk on Android:

If you are really looking for the best Launcher in the world then Nova Launcher is for you. Nova Launcher is fast, lightweight, and smoother compared to the other Launchers. But when it comes to the premium version of the Nova Launcher you will feel more benefits and features compared to the other premium Launchers. There are a hell of a lot of Launchers are available on the web, but choosing the right Launcher made you comfortable to customize the default layout of your Android device. Ok, it’s time to know the Installation Steps of Nova Launcher Prime Apk on Android OS.

  • Important Note: This app has received over 100 million downloads and millions of 5-star reviews on the Play Store. I think this info is enough for you whether to choose this Launcher or not.

After downloading and installing Nova Launcher it replaces your android device screen with the one control where you can customize your default UI. Moreover, the best part is you can Change icon themes, colors, layouts, animations, and more. If you are going for the premium version of the Launchers then Nova Launcher is an AOSP-style launcher type that is available for Android devices. Ok, before going to the Installation steps of Nova Launcher Prime Apk, let me tell you some interesting features about the Nova Launcher Prime.

Features of Nova Launcher Prime Apk:

  • Compatibility: This is one of the best features, in my opinion, why because this Launcher is compatible with almost all Android devices which are above Android 4.0.
  • Hide Apps: I think most of us Install apps which we did not use frequently. So with the help of Nova Launcher Prime Apk, you can hide the apps and games that you do not use or those that are sensitive.
  • Gestures: You can add a gesture system to fast navigate anywhere on your Android devices. Add gestures and quickly execute any action which is predefined by you which means you can set single swipe, tap, or double-tap on your screen to open your favorite apps.
  • Unread Counts: With the help of the Tesla Unread Plugin you can check the unread notification from your apps. So with the help of Nova Launcher Prime Apk, you are not going to miss any notifications and messages.
  • Icon Swipes: You can also add action to the application, so you can feel the action when you swiping the icon.
  • Custom Drawer Groups: You can create new tabs or groups in the folders in the app drawer.
  • More Scroll Effects: You can enjoy the scroll effects like Wipe, Accordion, and Throw with the help of Nova Launcher Prime Apk.

Additional Features:

  • Advanced Features: User-friendly Launcher which is Fast, Safe & Secure.
  • Icon Themes: It offers so many icon themes.
  • Color Controls: These are useful for labels, folders, unread badges, drawer tabs, and backgrounds.
  • Backup/ Restore: It backup/ Restore the layout and launcher settings.
  • Scrollable Dock: It is useful to make multiple docks and easily scroll among them.
  • Widgets in Dock: You can place any widget in the dock like a 4×1 music player widget.
  • Customize App Drawer: Useful for custom tabs, vertical or horizontal scrolling, custom effects.
  • User-friendly Interface: The interface is clean and intuitive, so the user can easily use this application.
  • No-ads: While using the app there are no ads annoying, it is a completely ad-free app.
  • Dard Mode, Night mode: You can use it at night with the help of the dark mode feature, there are no issues while using it in dark places or at night.
  • Edit App Name & Icon: In this app, the user can easily edit/ change or modify any app name and icon as they wish.
  • Free of cost: It is absolutely free of cost, there is no payment required to access the app and also no hidden and extra charges too.


  • Comes with a google search engine.
  • It is the best phone management app.
  • Ad-free.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Offers unlimited themes.
  • Easily modify various animations.


  • There are some issues with the latest versions of android.
  • You may face some lags and may get an irritative impression on the user interface while using it on old devices.

How to Install Nova Launcher Prime Apk For Android:

First of all, make sure that your Android device is above 4.0 which has some memory space like 20MB with 1 GB RAM. Now make sure you have uninstalled the previous version of the Nova Launcher if you are using any. Moreover, uninstall the Tesla Unread plugin also from your Android devices.

  • Open your Android device and Enable the Unknown Sources option on your Andriod to Install the Nova Launcher Prime Apk. Without Enabling Unknown Sources option you can’t Install any third-party sources like Apk files and Mods on your Android devices.
  • Follow the below steps to Enable Unknown Sources option on your Android devices.

Open “Settings” >> security or profile “Security” >> “Unknown sources” >> turn-on it to “Enable”.

  • Now Download the Nova Launcher Prime Apk file from the below link.


  • Navigate to the Nova Launcher Prime Apk location on your Android device and click on it.
  • When you click on the Apk file you will navigate to the Installation page, there Tap on the Install button at the bottom right side of the screen.
  • Wait for some more time to complete the installation process, after that Tap on Done or Click on Open to open the Nova Launcher app on your Android devices.
  • When you are trying to open the Nova Launcher Prime app, it will ask you for permission whether to set Nova Launcher as the default launcher on your Android device or not. Simply set Nova Launcher as the default launcher.

Download Tesla Unread Plugin from the below link


How to Use Nova Launcher Prime APK?

For effective usage of the app on android, the user must follow some simple steps

  • First of all, launch the Nove Launcher Prime app on an Android home screen.
  • Then select Start Fresh and tap on Next( or click on Nove Backup to Restore Old Settings).
  • Now select Theme as Light or Dark Mode and tap on the Next option.
  • Next, choose the Drawer Style and click on Apply.
  • Finally, you must Allow Set Default Launcher as Nova Launcher
  • You need to press the  Homescreen on phone and then navigate to Nova Settings.
  • Now, Set Gestures, Look & Style Settings based upon your choice.
  • Finally enjoy the app

FAQ’s of Nova Launcher Prime

  1. Is Nova Launcher Prime hides the personal content files?

ans) Yes that is the main purpose of the Nova Launcher Prime app. it hides all the content as per your concern.

  1. Does the app Nova Launcher Prime slowdown’s the device?

ans) No it never slowdown’s the device it just occupies very little space in your device. So it will never slow the device.

  1. Nova Launcher Prime is that worth for pro?

ans) Yes all the services are free if you are willing to enjoy the premium services then you need to pay and then you will get all the premium services available in it.


Those are the answers given by the huge no of users. If you still have any doubts then drop them in the comment box that I can clarify those too.

Final Conclusion:

That’s it kudos, I think Nova Launcher is getting popular day by day, so simply follow my instructions and Install one of the most world popular Android Launcher which is Nova Launcher on your Android devices. The best part of this Nova Launcher is your device never gets slow because of this Launcher, but when it comes to other Launcher you can feel a little bit slow. Nova Launcher developers are always updating frequently where you can get the update notifications directly to you.

This article mainly concludes you “How to Download Nova Launcher Prime Apk” & “How to Install Nova Launcher Prime Apk” For Android. If you face any issues while following the above installation steps or while using the Nova Launcher app, then let me know through the comments section. I am always ready to give you a better solution for your query.

Thank’s for choosing OM Geeky, for more updates visit back to


Myself Naveena, introducing myself new to this profession, I am so much fascinated to write the tech-based stuff and willing to write the expository and narrative topics and my main intention is to deliver and share the knowledge to users by interacting with them about the various technologies, I love cooking, gardening and travel.

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How to use Nova Launcher to customize your Android phone

Tired of staring at the same old home screen? If you’ve got a smartphone running Google’s Android operating system, good news: You don’t have to put up with the monotony any longer. Android supports what are known as third-party launchers, custom apps that supercharge your home screen with new features, themes, and optimizations. There’s a pretty large list of launchers to choose from, but few come close to the level of polish and customization of Nova Launcher, a free (and optionally paid) Android launcher for all devices running Android 4.0 and newer.

Nova Launcher replaces your home screen and app drawer, the scrolling list of app icons normally accessible by swiping up on your phone’s home screen. But on the default settings, you won’t notice much in the way of change — and that’s because Nova Launcher sticks to a fairly vanilla take on Android’s home screen. But there’s a lot Nova Launcher can do that’s not immediately obvious. Don’t like the shape or style of app icons? It’s easy to swap them out. Bored of the transition animations between home screens and apps? Just pick different ones.

There are more customization options than we can cover here without the article becoming enormous, but here are some of the biggest options you’ll want to know about.

Nova Launcher (free) vs. Nova Launcher Prime

how to use nova launcher prime on the google play store 2021
how to use nova launcher on the google play store 2021

First thing’s first: You have to download Nova Launcher in order to use it. Install it like you would any other app by heading to the Google Play Store, where you will face your first big decision: Whether to settle for the free version of Nova Launcher, or spring for the paid version — Nova Launcher Prime ($5).

What’s the difference between Nova Launcher and Nova Launcher Prime? It comes down to customization. Nova Launcher Prime lets you assign gestures (e.g., pinch, double-tap) to apps on the home screen, and adds unread counts — little overlay badges that indicate unread messages — across the launcher. You also get custom drawer groups, which let you create new tabs or folders in the app drawer, an option to hide apps from the app drawer, custom per-folder and per-icon swipe gestures, and an expanded list of scroll effects. In short, quite a lot of additional custom options.

It’s a lot to consider, but here’s our recommendation: Unless there’s a Nova Launcher Prime feature you don’t think you will be able to live without, try the free version first. Run it through its paces and see if you like it and if you find yourself bumping up against its limitations, consider making the purchase.

Alternatively, consider buying Nova Launcher Prime and trying it for a day. If you’re not convinced, ask for your money back — the Google Play Store lets you refund any app purchase made less than 48 hours ago. Remember, you’ll need both the Nova Launcher and Nova Launcher Prime apps installed to use your Prime benefits.

Getting started with Nova Launcher

To get started, launch the app and it’ll walk you through the process of setting up your Nova Launcher homepage. You can choose to start fresh, find an old Nova Launcher setup, or use your current home screen as a basis, as well as decide whether you want an apps button, and dark mode settings.

After this though, you’re likely to be kicked back to your regular home screen. That’s because Nova Launcher needs to be set as your default Home app. The process for changing this is going to be slightly different from phone-to-phone, but in general, you’ll need to head to Settings > Apps, and then find the Default Apps section. On the latest Samsung phones, you’ll find it in the Apps menu as Choose Default Apps, but on slightly older Samsung devices you may need to tap the three dots in the top-right corner and select Default Apps.

On Google Pixels, you’ll need to go to Settings > Apps and Notifications > Advanced > Default Apps. If your phone is on any version of Android between 4.4 KitKat and 6.0 Marshmallow, the process is slightly different. Once you’re in the Settings menu, find the Home sub-menu, tap Advanced, and select Nova Launcher from the available choices.

Regardless of how you get there, you’ll next need to Home App, and then select Nova Launcher. You’ll then be magically transported back to your new, Nova Launcher-powered home screen.

Tweaking Nova Launcher’s Appearance

how to use nova launcher home screen settings 1
how to use nova launcher home screen settings 2
how to use nova launcher home screen settings 3

If you never used Nova Launcher before, you might be surprised by how similar it looks to Android’s stock home screen. The basic customization options aren’t all that different — tapping and long-pressing on the home screen pulls up a menu that lets you change your home screen wallpaper, insert widgets, or launch the settings menu, and the home screen selector button near the top of the screen; selecting it reassigns the default home screen to whichever one is currently in view.

Tapping on the Widgets button brings up a list of widgets from the apps you’ve installed, and tapping and holding on any of them lets you situate them on the home screen. You can also long-press on the widget to access an accordion menu of four different menu options: Remove, Padding, Resize, and App Info.

  • Remove deletes said widget
  • Resize increases the length and/or width of the widget
  • Padding thickens or thins the widget’s borders
  • App Info pulls up the widget’s corresponding menu in Android’s Settings menu.

You can use these options to change your widgets to fit whatever designs you have for your home screen.

Home Screen Settings

You can also make some serious changes to your home screen itself, and you’ll find these options under the Home Screen section of your Nova Settings app. To access it, either open your Nova Settings app from your app drawer, or long-press your home screen and tap Settings.

From here, you can make significant changes. The Layout sub-menu allows you to fine-tune your home screen’s size. Desktop Grid changes how many app icons and widgets you can store on your home screen. Want a super-dense 12-by-12 grid of app icons, or a comically small two-by-two one? The choice is yours. A checkbox near the bottom toggles off the home screen’s snap-to-grid feature, giving you greater freedom in placement.

Icon Layout dives into app icon design. You can adjust the overall size, but also toggle the appearance of the text labels beneath them. A progress slider lets you increase or decrease their size, and checkboxes let you add a drop shadow, a multi-line wraparound, and switch to a different font color and styling.

Padding contains the settings that tweak the distance of the home screen’s border from the screen border — the larger the padding, the further from the screen your shortcuts and widgets will be. Dock changes the border at the bottom of the screen that contains your persistent apps.

Next, the Search sub-menu contains options for Search Bar PlacementSearch Bar Style, and SearchProvider. These let you mess around with the Google search bar that is installed by default on some Android phone lock screens. You can turn it into a widget, change the style, or even change the search provider to another search engine.

Scroll contains your options for scrolling on your home screen, and includes changing the transition effect between wallpaper pages. Try Cube, which re-imagines your home screens as faces on a digital 3D cube, or Card Stack, which slowly fades in the next home screen from the background as the previous one slides to the left or right. You can toggle Wallpaper Scrolling, which applies a parallax effect to your phone’s home screen. (If you’ve selected a suitably wide wallpaper, you’ll see it “move” as you transition between home screens.) Or there’s Infinite Scroll, which teleports you back to the left-most home screen when you swipe past the right-most home screen (and vice-versa).

Also, try messing with the Page Indicator and New Apps settings. The former changes the design and color of the dots at the bottom of the screen, which indicate which home screen is in view. The latter allows you to disable the Play Store’s (sometimes annoying) habit of automatically adding app shortcuts to your home screen, albeit only partly — you also have to disable the corresponding Play Store setting to avoid error messages.

Diving into the Home Screen menu’s Advanced drop-down exposes even more options. You can allow resizing of widgets on top or underneath of app shortcuts (so they overlap), lock the home screen to prevent changes (handy once you’ve got it how you like it), or toggle a shadow at the top and bottom of the screen.

App drawer

So you’ve customized your home screen. You could leave it there, but there are also options for altering your app drawer to suit your desires. Tap the App Drawer option in Nova Settings to see our next suite of options.

The Layout options come first. App Drawer Style allows you to change how the app drawer scrolls, and you can choose from Vertical and Horizontal scrolling, or viewing apps as a list. Drawer App Grid has a familiar grid pattern, and governs how many rows and columns your app drawer has. If you’re using a large-screened device, you can make the most of your extra space by adding in extra apps on each screen – up to a maximum of 12-by-12 apps. Conversely, if you don’t like having lots of apps on your screen at once, you can shrink it all the way down to just having four apps on each screen.

Icon Layout lists your options for altering the icons themselves, from simply changing the size of the icon, to changing the color of the text underneath, adding a shadow, reducing the size of the text, and even removing it entirely.

Frequently Used Apps is a useful option that might prove useful to people who find themselves constantly using specific apps — when toggled on, it lists those most-used apps at the top of the app drawer, ready to be accessed whenever you access your drawer.

Swipe To Open gives you the option of using an old-style app drawer button or the newer method of swiping up from the bottom of your screen to see your apps. Your choice on this is purely personal and we recommend mixing it up and trying out each different style to see which you prefer.

One of the advantages of having Nova Launcher Prime is the greater control over which apps you see in your drawer. If you’re a Prime user, then you can find the option to hide specific apps under Apps > Hide Apps. While that’s useful, there’s even more potential control to be found here for Prime users. Enabling Apps > Drawer Groups allows you to create custom app groups, and have them appear in tab form above your app drawer. Looking just for your games? Create a “games” group under Drawer Groups, add your games, and you’ve got a quick and easy way of starting a game break whenever you feel like it.


The Folders sub-menu houses the options relating to folders you can place on the home screen. Folders allow you to group specific apps into a single slot on your home screen. tap it and it’ll pop open, displaying all the apps within it. Think of it as a mini-app drawer and you won’t go far wrong.

If you’re not sure how to make a folder, it’s really easy. Simply take two icons on your homepage that you want to place into a folder, and then drag one onto the other. They should form into a folder that you can add extra apps to, rearrange, and rename as you see fit. Within the Folders submenu, you’ll find options to change the aesthetics of the folders, including the animation when they open, the layout, and window style.

Look & Feel

how to use nova launcher look and feel 1
how to use nova launcher look and feel 2
how to use nova launcher look and feel 3

If you want to change the way that your phone looks, this is the menu for you.

We’ll start with the first option on the list, Icon Theme. Many of the default and common apps on your phone — the various Google apps, SMS messenger, and Facebook — have various custom icons that can be downloaded for them. These can be found in the Google Play Store, in a mix of both free and paid apps. Most of them require a custom launcher, and that’s where this setting comes in. Simply install the icon pack you want to try out, head to Look & Feel > Icon Theme, and select your chosen app.

A new addition directly under the icon themes are Adaptive Icons. Within these options, you can further customize, forcing icons into a specific shape to match the theme, or simply to match your personal tastes. Reshape Legacy Icons continues this, reshaping or adding a background to apps that can’t usually be matched to that style, while Prefer Legacy Icons forces app icons to ignore adaptive icon rules altogether.

If you’re not a fan of Google’s new allowances for varying icon sizes, then Normalize Icon Size should always be turned on. When turned on, this option scales down larger icons to match smaller ones, making sure that all of your apps are a similar size.

One interesting animation option is App Animation. This setting governs the on-screen animation when entering and leaving an app, and it can be changed in various ways. If you were a fan of the way a particular version of Android transitioned between apps, then you’re in luck, as Nova Launcher notes which transition was common in each version of Android. As always, have a fiddle with all of these options and see what you like best; there is little that is hard to change back here.

Gestures & Inputs

how to use nova launcher gestures 1
how to use nova launcher gestures 2
how to use nova launcher gestures 3

Gestures are no longer new on mobile operating systems, having been around for several versions of Android and iOS now. Chances are, if you’ve used a newer phone, you’ve dabbled in using gestures to navigate around your phone. But, if you’re using an older phone, or simply want to add more gestures to your repertoire, Nova Launcher offers a highly customizable suite of gesture options for Android.

The first option you see is HomeButton. This allows you to repurpose your home button to access quick actions like App Search, Recent Apps, Google Discover, or an entirely separate app. The option below, Only On Main Home Page, locks this additional action to only the home screen, ensuring you can still access your home screen easily. We recommend you leave this option ticked unless you have another gesture set up to take you to your home screen.

Speaking of those gestures, it’s here that you can find options for these. There are some gestures turned on by default, and we suggest that you take note of which of these you could use for your convenience, as they’re jolly difficult to trigger without meaning to. As a few examples, swiping down will bring down the notification shade, swiping up with two fingers will open your Nova Launcher settings menu, and pinching out (like on a map) will open your recent apps.

Notification Badges

This Prime-only option is a simple addition, but it hides a large amount of customization. Notification badges are the little numbers that appear on an icon to inform you when you’ve received a notification. Using Nova Launcher, you can change the way that appears, including a dynamic badge, Android 8.0 Oreo-style dots, or unread counts from companion apps. Or if you’d prefer, you can turn it off entirely.

Backup & Import Settings

how to use nova launcher backup 1
how to use nova launcher backup 2
how to use nova launcher backup 3

This is the final section of the settings that we’re going to cover here, but it’s one of the most important if you want to save your settings or import them from an old install.

Backup, as you might expect, allows you to make a backup of your current settings, saving them for later. You can manage these in Restore Or Manage Backups. Quick Start allows you to run the starting process again, while Reset To Default gives you a clean slate to start over again. Import allows you to take your home screen layout from your original home screen, replicating the layout where possible. If you’re still fond of your original home screen and just want some of the extra features Nova Launcher offers, then this is probably your best bet.

That’s our extensive guide to Nova Launcher’s basic functions. One of the big joys of an open platform like Android is the customizability it offers, and nowhere is this more apparent than with the myriad of options presented by Nova Launcher. It can be daunting to get started, but our best advice to you is to dive in, mess about, and see what you like. Don’t feel pressured to tweak everything before you start, just go back in every now-and-again, and see what you like and what you don’t. There’s very little in the settings that will break the way your phone runs, and so you can feel free to try out different styles of app drawer, gestures, and overall look. Have fun!

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